Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafting with my kids: “Shibori” Tie Dye

IMG_7910 Today was the last day of the staycation. It has been a wonderful week with even a few goals accomplished. Little one is now day and night-trained.  We have also been swimming nearly every day at the public pool and things finally clicked for Lily. She has been in formal swim lessons for about 2 years, but has remained in the same level because she can’t meet one requirement – the independent 5 metre swim. On Friday, she did it dog paddle style and today she did it under water. So it was kind of momentous.
As far as crafty projects, my husband’s birthday is coming up and the girls wanted to make him a gift, so we we worked on some tie dye.  We used Rit Denim Blue (powder formula).
The girls rolled their shirts on a wooden pole and added elastics. Dad’s was done accordion style between scrap 2X4s.  This post is an excellent tutorial on the process.  Fortunately, I had saved all of my produce elastics. The wider width is useful.
Stirring the pot.
IMG_7905 IMG_7907
The reveal to dry on the new clothesline.
The rolled dowel technique is on the left (above). The fabric closest to the dowel (in this case the neckline( is the least dyed). The elastic relief is perpendicular on the shirt.  The third shirt (far right) is the accordion 2X4 technique.  It is more of a grid.  If you are attracted by this look, you might be interested in this post by Eva Forever who used the same tutorial on pink blouse.
It was public holiday today.  After we finished our activity, I took the girls to Fort York to see a “re-enactment” of the war of 1812. 
Lily wore her new shirt while the little one refused to wear it. Sigh.   You can see that the colour loses its intensity once dry.
Have a great week!


  1. I have had this bookmarked for so long but somehow I don't think I'll try it in near future :)
    I think you made it just perfect and that it's going to be a delightful gift for your husband KJ!
    Lily is glowing in her new tee!

  2. My sister is always fabulous about t-dying things with the girls. I love how yours turned out. Lily just just precious in her hat and t-shirt. What a fun summer activity.

  3. Great gift idea for dad. The girls must have loved this project. Lily looks very happy in hers. And yay for Lily swimming on her own :)

  4. Cool, really effective and although one didn't want to wear it, Lily looks pretty pleased. Congrats on the swimming, after years of lessons my girl is just starting to get it. It's all a question of timing I think!

  5. I love, love, love the color you chose and I love Lily's hat - she looks so sweet and happy.

  6. What a precious beauty...Lily is a true patriotic princess! Don't you wish you could see inside their little minds and know why they won't cooperate!?! I know your husband will be thrilled with his special gift. You know staycations should last forever!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy your last moments of your reprieve!


  7. Oh how darling! Tie-dye is native to Oregon. We have the same hat as your daughter. I wish we could have been there for that reenactment of 1812! Come see a painted toilet seat!

  8. Ambitious project with great results! Looks fun!


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