Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crafting with my kids: Scrappy Princess and the Pea

We have been using the library quite a bit this summer.    Two of the biggest hits have been Tillie the terrible Swede : how one woman, a sewing needle, and a bicycle changed history and Lauren Child’s the Princess and the Pea. 
The girls and I worked on a little craft for the Princess and the Pea story.
Back in June, on his last day of school, my nephew brought home an adorable Princess and the Pea craft using fabric and scrapbook paper for the mattress and a dried pea.
I thought we would try it with fabric scraps from my stash, but you could use different scraps of a paper too.
(Materials: scraps, cardboard for background, single dried legume, glue, and either a cut out of a princess or better yet draw one yourself!)
Here is what Lily put together. Her illustrations have a very Lauren Child quality. She is a huge fan of Lauren’s Pippi book as well as the Charlie and Lola series.
See the dried kidney bean second mattress from the bottom?
It was a fun project incorporating fabric scraps and the girls were really engaged the entire time.  I highly recommend Lauren Child’s version if you haven’t enjoyed it already.
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  1. What a lovely project. I haven't done enough crafting this summer with the girls. Josie's never read the princess and the pea. I definitely need to do something like this with her. Thank you for sharing. Brilliant.

  2. Wow, Lily is an artist! I love her rendition.

  3. Agreed, you do have an artist on your hands. I see gorgeous (not to mention free) wall art in your future :)

  4. I love the drawing of the princess she made!! So sweet! In fact I like the whole project and for two years I am trying to recreate something for which I was inspired by another blogger regarding this particular story... but I think it shall still stay in my head only!

  5. Very cute and simple project, love it!
    Little Wonders' Days

  6. great way to use up some fabric scraps

  7. again, great idea! you will be a great pre-school teacher, kids will LOVE you!!!

  8. This is so fun! I am definitely trying this one with my oldest. Love it!


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