Monday, August 8, 2011

Cardboard Rapunzel Photo booth and Ribbon Wands


now we are six

My oldest turned six today.  We took her to an amusement park (Canada’s Wonderland) on the weekend and she loved it. Today, her actual birthday, we had a celebration at her daycamp. 

We made a Rapunzel photo booth from cardboard. { The cardboard is from some flat packed furniture.  The photo booth came together much easier than the furniture. }

IMG_7869  IMG_7870 IMG_7871

I applied a painter’s tape grid to the flat cardboard.  We (the girls helped out!) rolled on a mixture of Decoart silver, black and white.

The painter’s tape was removed just before dry.

I added a turret detail to the top of the cardboard and cut out some windows using a box cutter and added a little silver duck tape embellishment. The bunting is burlap (hot glued).

The rapunzel hair is a repurposed polar fleece scarf. I posted about this project here.



We enjoyed a storytime, craft, cake and a sing-a-long.

For the craft, we made ribbon wands.  I had bookmarked this “handmade ribbon stick tutorial” over at the giverslog.  I recently made ribbon wands with the girls and Lily wanted to share this project with her friends. For the party, we made ours slightly differently  than the giverslog tutorial ( we just used  Home Depot’s 4 foot dowel cut in half to two feet and three 13 mm eyelets per dowel and lots of satiny ribbon).



083 082




















My husband  (a talented songwriter and guitarist) hosted a sing-a-long and the children loved using the wands to sing and dance to the songs. He writes a song for Lily on her birthday each year and this year he composed a special song about Rapunzel.

It was a lovely celebration!

PS Thank you for the kind feedback regarding the eyelet flower girl dresses, it made my day. 

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  1. What a fun party. My littlest loves Rapunzel these days...such a clever way to have that mass of hair! Happy sixth birthday, sweet girl.

  2. Happy birthday to Lily!!
    This looks as a fantastic party!
    I love the the theme and that photo booth is amazing (Gosh you are so good at these things)! Along with the songs and wands this makes one true magical party!!

  3. your cardboard Rapunzel photo booth is such a clever idea !! my daughter had a princess Rapunzel party for her 4th birthday ~ can't wait to share... i should be back blogging next week (after an over 2 month break) i'm excited :)

  4. Great birthday theme! I love the way you've repurposed the cardboard into a castle photo booth. It makes such a nice mottled backdrop, KJ!

    The ribbon wands remind me of the gorgeous rhythmic gymnastics I only ever see during the Olympics. I image your little ones doing backflips and cartwheels whilst twirling their beautiful wands... So pretty!

  5. "The photo booth came together much easier than the furniture." lol!

    Love the idea of a specially written birthday song. So sweet.

  6. What a sweet birthday theme. I love your cardboard castle. It's the perfect backdrop for birthday pictures. The ribbon wands are brilliant. What a lovely party.

  7. I love the photo booth! What a clever idea, and great details. The ribbon wands must have been a big hit. I love that your husband writes a song for Lily every year... too sweet :)

  8. Love this idea! My 4 year old is obsessed with Rapunzel so I'm bookmarking this as a birthday idea for her 5th bday party! Love the ribbon wands and the sing along too : )

  9. You're such a great Mummy! Happy Birthday to your lovely sweet girl x

  10. Wow!! The photo booth is such a fun idea - great execution too!!


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