Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Shower: Red headed duckies


One of my colleagues is becoming a dad at the end of the month.  The office  is quite good about celebrating these special moments in a person’s life.  The theme of the baby shower was nautical (ducks, boats, and fish).

My friend the Baking Barrister made these amazing cookies and I thought I would share them. Our colleague has red hair so she included a patch a red hair on some of the ducks. I thought that was such a sweet and thoughtful touch and I thought I would share a few photos from the event here.

034 She also made a sailboat cake. The recipe is Martha Stewart.  Blue seven minute frosting over chocolate cake.


041So yummy! 

047 My pal made some streamers using Made’s Ruffled Streamer Tutorial.  All rolled up.



There was also a little rubber duckie corsage for mum-to-be 045

and of course a little fish bowl centrepiece.


and goldfish crackers, the fifth food group.


It was a sweet event for an excited couple. I enjoy posting about collaborative projects like this and how they come together.

Have a great day,



  1. A fun and whimsical little party - the little white girl cookies with the bow were adorable. I also liked the paper boat on the cake - sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

  2. wow! that is one AWESOME party!!! i wish i could bake! i'm excited about the FROSTING!!!

  3. Oh this is so sweet! You and your friends (colleagues) sure know how to make a party!!
    Love every single detail - so thoughtfully and carefully planned!
    And yes, that cake looks so delicious - just looking at it makes my mouth water :)

  4. The cookies look so good. I love all the fun details all your friends contributed!

  5. What a fun shower theme. Gorgeous cookies and cake.

  6. That's one group of talented (and apparently kind spirited) colleagues!

  7. Cute party! I love that fish cake... it's adorable.


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