Tuesday, July 19, 2011

T-Shirt Nightgowns


I am trying not to engage in unnecessary sewing as I am working on three flower girl dresses (a.k.a. the lavender eyelet project), but I thought I would share some instantly gratifying and useful sewing. 

The girls have 3 night gowns that they share between them and the nightie shortage has caused quite a bit of fighting when one doesn't get to wear a “gown”.   

There are a number of clever takes on the t-shirt nightgown.  I really liked this easy tutorial from Beneath the Rowan Tree.   The shirts were donated from my husband and brother-in-law.

Daddy’s 2010 World Cup shirt

jvm1004  jvm1006

The Uncle’s Tampa Bay Skate Park shirt transformed


Perfect for the hot and sticky nights and no more fighting over the Sleeping Beauty nightie!




  1. How adorable! Tori would go nuts to wear one of her Dad's t-shirts (especially since she is a Daddy's girl.) I am really need to take some sewing lessons!

  2. I'm always shocked at how expensive PJs for little people can be...recycling tee-shirts is a great solution.

  3. Love this!!! How cute are those!! I will have to make a bunch of these! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Darling idea. I can't wait to see your flower girl dresses. I hope you are taking lots of pictures.

  5. Lovely! Eva loves wearing nightgowns especially cotton ones. I found two from way back when I was her age, as good as new and she is in love with them!

  6. Your girls looks darling. Nightgowns are an excellent summer night solution.

  7. So sweet! Unnecessary sewing? If it stopped nightly fighting I'd say it was needed and appreciated! It's been so hot here, my little one is going to bed in just his underwear.

  8. Cute! I especially like the length on the skate park nightgown.

  9. I lOVE these!! so so cute!! and what a great idea!
    thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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