Sunday, July 17, 2011

Edith Nesbit's The Railway Children

Who's she? said Phyllis.
The train, of course, said the Porter. After that the train was never "It" to the children.

- E. Nesbit, The Railway Children, Chapter 3

Vickie - the set of the Railway Children (Toronto)
Back in May we had a chance to tour the set of the Railway Children at the public open house.   The theater has been built especially for this production and is located at the bottom of the CN Tower next to the CN railway museum.

Today, we saw the theatrical production. It was amazing.  I don't know how it took me nearly 39 years to discover this story.  I just finished the novel and to prepare for the performance, we borrowed the video (1970 version) and audio book from the library. I didn't take Evangeline Hope, only Lily. I think that was a wise choice, it was almost sweltering in the theatre and with a running time of close to 2.5 hours, I am not certain  a 3 year old would make it! 

The story is absolutely heartwarming { there is a short synopsis on the theatre's site.}   The story is the sort of story that just leaves you smiling.  Wishing you a great week,


  1. What fun. Sometimes you need to do something fun one on one with each kiddo. :)

  2. You know KJ, I've never read it although I've always heard words of praise. I hope I will read the novel one day!
    It seems that you had wonderful time at the performance!
    P.S. Love your new background - just the right thing for kites ;)

  3. I loved that series of books growing up. What a lovely way to spend time with your daughter.

  4. We love this story, for us it's up there with the Sound of Music and it's funny you should be talking about the production because I was looking at the details for the show in London just the other day. Glad you had such a fab time.

  5. Never heard of that story...will definitely look it up. My oldest would love that tour if I'm ever brave enough to bring him to the big city.

  6. I had not heard of the series until seeing it advertised.


    PS. glad you enjoyed.

  7. I like the others have not heard of it... Sounds like you had some great alone time with Lily. That's so nice.

  8. Just read the synopsis, and it sounds like a wonderful story. I bet it was an amazing production to see, something Lily will remember.

  9. Somehow I've missed out on this story too. The synopsis sounds delightful. I'm always happy for an excuse to look in the kids section at the library! :-) That's where the fish tank is.


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