Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crafting with Kids: Vacation Crafts

photo 2

My sister is vacationing in Florida. She sent me some photos of a sweet little craft my nephew made at Weather Camp.  It is a cardboard tube sandcastle. It is fairly self explanatory.  Cut a variety of tubes into turrets, brush on some glue and decorate with sand and shells.


photo 1 Pretty realistic, non?

photo 1

photo 2

While I am on the subject of vacation crafting, there is a delightful chapter on vacation crafts in my 1975 Sunset Crafts for Children (you may recall I posted about this vintage craft book here).

Don’t you love this idea of making souvenir rubbings from monuments you see on vacation?


We tried these painted walking sticks this past weekend.  Our dog brings  home lots of sticks so the supplies were easy.


IMG_7789 IMG_7790

Here is a peak at our painted walking stick.


Do you craft on vacation?   Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. the walking stick is such a great idea! I ran out of ideas for my next summer camp, and this just helped me round it up! thank you!!!

  2. Isn't this just the cutest!
    I don't know of a kid (read: adult)who doesn't want to build a sand castle while at the beach. My kids have been doing it since we came here - every single day (sometimes I am amazed by their zeal)! But we have never thought of this! So ingenious! Must try it while we are here although we are limited but the sizes of the tubes.. I am going to figure out something! Thank you so much on the wonderful link KJ!

  3. Oh I forgot to answer your question..
    We didn't take many things for crafts with us only a couple of drawing/ sketching pads and crayons, so we improvise every day to keep them entertained. On the other hand we have tons of books with us. Thought of making this an "educational vacation" :)

  4. Painting sticks seems to be the order of the day! There we go thinking alike. Our minds must be great then...

    So much fun!

  5. I love your walking sticks. I want to do this with my kids one day. The sand castle craft is great too!
    Little Wonders' Days

  6. My oldest has been saving cardboard tubes for two weeks because she wants to make a castle, so this is very timely. The walking sticks are a great idea, too. My girls are both very much into sticks right now for some reason.

  7. The walking stick project reminds me of painting rocks in summer camp -- except this is so much more practical! Love the photo of the girls painting on the porch. Ah, sweet childhood summers. :-) And once again, your sister is a genius with the cardboard sand castles!


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