Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day with Will & Kate

We had the same idea as 300,000 other people.   We went to Parliament Hill to greet Will & Kate.  

I can't believe we actually made it on to the Hill. We only arrived at 10 am.
Saw the Royal's flag raised

This was our view of the stage
What we wore
We were close to CBC's Heather Hiscox
Saw Steven and Chris
The band and motorcade

And of course caught a glimpse of Will & Kate (red hat) - a little fuzzy, Prime Minister Harper is to the right of Will

The snow birds

I don't think we will ever forget it.  Have a Happy Canada Day!



  1. Happy Canada Day! What a wonderful memory you've made with your girls.

  2. Wow, so close. Interesting to hear your point of view, I heard on the radio today that most Canadians couldn't care less about W&K, they were more fussed about the money spent on security. I bet your girls were sooo excited to see a future queen!

  3. fantastic! you where so close. Happy Canada Day!


  4. I knew you were there among the other Canadians when I saw the news broadcast this morning. What happy memories your family will have on this special Canada Day!

    Happy, Happy Canada Day to you all!

  5. Oh! How fun! I have a major crush on Kate, and thought there was slim chance of seeing them in Yellowknife, but such luck. Glad you had a good time! Happy Canada Day!!

  6. That's excellent that you were there!!! It's something special that you & especially the girls will be able to share years & years from now that you were there when Will & Kate came to visit! Love the pics & your outfits!

  7. what a day ! it would have been fun to have been there with you :)

  8. What an exciting event KJ! Lovely pictures!

  9. I am beyond jealous of this! Your outfits look just as good as Kate's!

  10. Brave lady! I would have loved to venture downtown, but I'm an organizer of our local celebrations, so stayed close to home. Great photos! Your girls must have been so thrilled!

  11. How exciting!! If I lived in Canada, I would have done the same thing. Your attire is just splendid. We're home and digging out from beach sand and dirty laundry. I'm enjoying getting caught up with one of my favorite blogs!

  12. Happy Belated Canada Day, KJ! How exciting... You must have been over the moon :)

  13. Aw Man, SO lucky!!! I don't care what anyone says about the Royals. They are a part of our history and I think they're pretty amazing. I'm so glad you were able to get so close and really get into the spirit of the day. Yay for you and your family! Happy belated Canada Day!


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