Monday, June 27, 2011

Teacher's Gift: All I really need is a song in my heart

My daughter's last day of school is Wednesday. Today she "graduated" from kindergarten to grade one.  For her teacher gift, I stitched up a tote using House on Hill Road's Teacher's tote tutorial .  The fabric is 7 oz canvas (Save our Planet by Contemporary Cloth).
Inspired as well by this teacher tote idea posted by Sun Scholars over at Come Together Kids, I wanted to include some of Lily's handwriting.   Instead of using a sharpie to create the notebook lines, the pocket is made from the same stitched notebook fabric that I posted about here. The words are simply written using a permanent fabric marker. 

Lily wrote out one of the verses to Raffi's "All I need is a song in my heart" which happens to be one of our family's favourite songs, but also a song which she performed at the graduation ceremony.
 I don't remember having these sorts of ceremonies when I was in kindergarten in 1978!

I also thought I would share a photo of my nephew's gift to his teacher. The crayon monogram idea is from a recent isssue of Family Fun.

The last day of school is the 29th.  I also can't remember it being so late!


  1. wow i like that crayon monogram so much! i get so many broken crayon tips at the children's museum every day, i should pick them up and make fun stuff too!

  2. so the picture of the graduate is so darn cute.

    And, what lovely gifts for the teachers. There is nothing more thoughtful than a hand made gift. It really touches the heart.


  3. your graduate looked lovely ! never seen that crayon monogram before, what a clever idea !

  4. I love the tote, KJ. What a sweet gift. The song lyrics are perfect. And the crayon monograms are so cute!

  5. The tote with the handwritten verse is so sweet and it goes fantastically with the environmental message on the fabric!
    Lily looks gorgeous in that dress! I can only imagine her excitement!
    And your nephew's gift - how cute is that?!!! I love the idea - love it! Thank you for sharing this with us KJ!

  6. As ever you have some clever things to show. Lucky teachers, they must get some 'interesting' gifts to say the least so they should be thrilled to bits with these beautiful offerings.

  7. Those crayon frames are sweet; the teachers will love these!

    It's our last day here too. My little one is looking forward to taking a holiday. He was in grade 1 this year and had homework 4 nights a week! Ya, things sure have changed since our time. We never went this late, and we certainly didn't fancy graduation at this stage back in our day, you're sure right about that!

  8. Sweetness - you are getting a lot of mileage out of the fabric 'paper' technique'


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