Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Sun Hats and the experiences that go along with wearing a really great sun hat

On Saturday, we attended the Ontario Equestrian Federation's Toronto Horse Day at the Exhibition site.  It was a bit of a trek on public transportation, but it was the most wonderful experience for the girls to engage with the horses and watch the demonstrations.  Being a city dweller who doesn't drive, I sort of jump at any opportunity where the country comes to the city and in the end it is usually worth it {There was also  little celebrity siting as Daniel Fathers of Camp Rock & Heartland fame was the m.c.}

The event was very fitting for the girls new summer hats. I made Lily's hat using the pattern from the July Martha Stewart.  I knew this hat would be perfect because Lily doesn't like a traditional tailored bucket hat, she prefers things a little more floppy.  The hat is reversible. The novelty cowboy boot fabric is You Go Girl #3435 (Dawn Sun Valley Quilts for Northcott).  The reverse fabric is cream thin wale corduroy.

Evangeline Hope's, is the bucket hat pattern from Oliver & S' Little Things to Sew.

The girls had a chance to get up close to a number of different breeds and try a horse simulator.

 Below is Reese, he really liked Lily's hat.  He actually pulled it off her head, but returned it (thankfully).
Another sidebar: I have a very soft space in my heart for service animals.   I love stories about animals who do jobs.  Here is a shot from the Toronto Mounted Police demonstration.
{As an aside, Lily has now decided she wants to be a mounted policewoman.  She asked me to print off a mounted policewoman colouring page. If you know of one, can you please let me know.  In the meantime she is adjusting her pages to add ponytails.}
We ended the day at the Summerhill Fair where we met up with good friends and enjoyed pony rides.
 I will sign off with a little Canadiana trivia, I had not realized that Dennis Lee wrote a poem about the Summerhill Fair. I grew up learning Dennis Lee poems by memory (Alligator Pie was first published when I was two (!) and when I had Lily, I rediscovered Dennis Lee all over again).
The Summerhill Fair
I found a balloon and it went up a tree
I learned how to ride on a pony for free
And I looked at a girl and she knew it was me
When I went to the Summerhill Fair.

The fishpond was fine, they had monsters and toads
And Dad got a plant and it broke in the road
And I think I remember which pony she rode

When I went to the Summerhill Fair.
Next year there's a fair at the very same place
I hope I run frontwards and win in the race
And I'll recognize her by the dirt on her face
When I go to the Summerhill Fair.

Dennis Lee

Have a lovely week,
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  1. Cute hats. It looked like your girls really enjoyed the horses. We're heading to a local farm on Wednesday, but no pony rides there.

  2. Love the cowboy boot fabric. Too cute! Looks like a wonderful time, and I love that Lily wants to be a mounted policewoman :)

    P.S. The poem is darling!

  3. Precious pictures, beautiful girls, and such cute hats. I must make one!


  4. One can tell you had fabulous time!
    The hats' fabric couldn't be more suitable for the Horse day and I must say they are lovely!!

    When I was about 9 or 10 I remember begging my father to buy me a horse after a horse show we've been to. They couldn't find the right arguments to persuade me that it is a tremendous responsibility and I was miserable for days. I still wish to have a horse of my own but now I find arguments not to buy one. Isn't that funny?!

    I think it's so cute that Lily wants to be a mounted policewoman!! Great post!

  5. Each picture was cuter than the last! Love both your hats!

  6. What a beautiful hat and the pictures are just gorgeous. What a special day for your special little girl.

  7. Love the hats! What a fun weekend activity. My children love horses, too.

  8. I love Lily's hat especially!!

    Love the photo essay of your day - what a wonderful memory for you all.

    I am glad you shared the poem - it is a sweet one.

  9. Those hats are great. Thank goodness Reese didn't eat Lily's, she wouldn't have liked that. I have to make a new hat for my little guy this year; his head grew!

    Never heard of Dennis Lee but love the poem you transcribed. I must be getting old or something. I'm enjoying poetry more and more these days...

  10. I've made each of my girls one of the Oliver + S hats, but I really like Martha's version! I'll have to make them some more! Great post KJ!

  11. Hi! I googled "martha stewart sun hat tutorial" and your blog came up :-) can you help me? I've printed out the templates, but I can't figure out how to piece the brim parts together! Any helpful hints??? thanks so much and your girls are just precious!!

  12. Alfredo & Carole, I was unable to reply to you directly. There are directions in the Martha magazine but I didn't strictly follow them. The best way, in my opinion, to make the Martha version is to start by creating two separate hats.

    For each fabric:

    Right sides together sitch the short sides of the side panel. Press open seam.

    Stitch the crown (the circle piece) to the top of side panel (which will be the more narrow hole), go slowly with an ease because you don't want any puckering. Notch the seam carefully and press open.

    If you want to do a decorate top stitch around the crown you could do it now. Now it is time for the brim.

    Stitch short sides of the brim right side together. Press open the seam.

    Now attach the brim to the side. Line up the seams of the side and the brim, right side together, and if you wish pin. Stitch the brim to the side.

    Notch and press open that seam. Again, if you want to top stitch, now is the time.

    Now you should have one hat. Repeat with the other fabric.

    After you have two separate hats, place one hat in the other right sides together and stitch around the outer edge of the brim. You can leave a 2-3 inch hole or you can as Ikat Bag did unpick a hole). ****Before you pull the fabric out of the hole make sure you press and if necessary notch to remove bulk. Now pull the right sides out. Top stitch around the entire outer edge of the brim, or if you don't like top stitching, blind stitch your hole shut.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Such great fabrics! What lucky little girls to go see those horses. They are beautiful!
    I just made a reversible hat, too.
    Jenny - Seamingly Smitten


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