Friday, June 3, 2011

Dramatic Play: Animal Clinic

Our dog has been a little under the weather this week.  We have a Labrador retriever and they tend to have voracious appetites and sometimes find something that isn't safe to eat.    In spite these little hiccups, I love having a pet in our family. Growing up, I never had a pet so watching the girls interact with Ramsey is one of my favourite moments of the day.  The girls have learned to care for him  and what I have noticed recently is that they love to take him for a walk especially now that the weather is good.  Evangeline Hope will often ask, "can we take Ramsey for a walk around the block?"

Ramsey - 8 weeks old in 2003
He is just a member of the family.
Lily vomiting on Ramsey in 2004
Today, I wanted to share this wonderful dramatic play centre my sister created.  During community helpers week, she created an animal / veterinary clinic.  The week also included a visit from a veterinarian and dog guide. [If you are interested in guide dogs, the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides is a wonderful resource and my husband and I have been supporting their work for about 8 years.]

Elements of the Animal Clinic Drama Centre

1. stuffed dogs and cats, plastic snakes
2. doctor tools (plastic gloves, toy needles, plastic pill bottles etc.)
3. pet supplies (leashes, collars, dog bowls. water jug)
4. pet carriers

5. child-sized lab coats,  scrubs, and surgical masks

6. telephones

7. Pet Value flyers
8. waiting room books ( a collection of picture books about pets)
9. x-rays (not pictured but x-rays were made using black and white skeleton pictures photocopied onto acetates)
10. blankets
11. clipboards with pet patient charts.

12. a pocket chart with word cards to assist with completing the patient charts
This has proven to be a very popular dramatic play centre and the children really enjoy conducting  examinations of the pets.
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Now I am off to check on Ramsey and see how he's feeling. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I hope your puppy is feeling better soon. My husband had a lab in college and he was known to eat all kinds of unusual items...including plastic bags. Scary.

    Very fun dramatic play center. Your sister has an amazing classroom. Have a wonderful weekend! We'll be busy moving into the treehouse and getting ready for Josie's birthday.

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  2. I hope the little chap gets better soon. The picture of Lily vomiting on Ramsey made me laugh out loud!

  3. Ramsey was a cute puppy. The vomit picture is hysterical.

    Your sisters dramatic play center is fabulous...

  4. How we miss our lab. Ramsey looks like he's been very well cared for.

  5. I love this, especially the little patient charts on the clipboards. I'm sure the kids really enjoyed this.

    I hope Ramsey is feeling better :)

  6. Oh KJ! I cannot wait for my kids to come home to share this post with them!!
    Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

  7. Who wouldn't be jazzed about this! How fun!


  8. Wow, that play center is extremely detailed, isn't it? Your sister thought of absolutely everything, which gives the children a much fuller experience. She really did her homework. Great stuff!

  9. Such a creative family! Hope your 'pup' is feeling better soon.

  10. KJ--
    We are having the doggy blues ourselves. Perci has to have surgery in a couple of weeks. We are all really bummed out about it!

    Love the play center. Tori's preschool has a similar one. I will have to share this with her teachers!

    Have a great week!

  11. I have this great kennel just sitting in my garage! It would be great fun for an animal clinic...

  12. were did you get the pet patient cards ? very cute idea

  13. were did you get the pet patient cards?? Love the idea and want to do it in my classroom to spruce of the dramatic play area that they don't go into. Thanks.

  14. Hi there, my sister made the patient cards. If I locate it, I can upload it to google docs. I will let you know.

  15. Were you able to find the patient charts on google docs? I am trying to re create them but they do not look as good! If you can find them, let me know!

  16. Were you able to find the patient chart? i tried to make one but it was not as cute...let me know!

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