Sunday, June 26, 2011

Canadian Icons: Canada Post Mail Carrier Costume

Canada Day is July 1st.   We have something very special planned this year, so to get the girls excited we have been discussing Canadian icons. 

The first icon is Canada Post. {As an aside this post is kind of timely, for most of June, Canada Post service has been disrupted due to labour action and last week management locked the workers out.   Last  week, legislation was tabled in Parliament to end the lock out - or the strike; however, you want to describe it.} 

We have been discussing stamps and the postal service and writing letters (I love stamps. As a child I had many pen pals around the world and collected stamps like my dad and uncle, belonging to stamp clubs, and writing for an amateur stamp newsletter).

Another great idea to discuss the postal service is to add a mail carrier to your child's costumes.  My sister created a really great Canada Post mail carrier and I thought I would share it here. She used Create Studio's pattern.

AJ  used cream canvas for the bag. The logo is made using heat bond. She printed the logo from the computer and traced it on to the heat bond.  The visor and button down are thrifted.

Have a great week!


  1. what a cute idea!

    Personally, I can't wait to get some mail this week.

    You have a great week yourself!


  2. Although I'm not super happy with CP right now, this is a really neat idea. I grew up in a really rural area (no other kids around), and so I had many pen pals. Really a great way to learn about the differences and similarities about other cultures and countries. I hope my boys will eventually have a pen pal, too.

  3. What a fun idea! I think the mail bag is great, and pen pals are always fun! I have a brother in Canada, and I have been frustrated with the post too this month!


  4. What a great project KJ!
    We have so many things in common - I too had many pen pals in the past (Was a member of the International Pen Friends for ages and have tons of letters/ stamps)and still believe in the written word especially when writing letters!!

  5. Hey KJ--
    Well, I have finally reserved time to catch up with my favorite blog buddies. Wow! You have been busy!!! Love, love, love the fairy garden and shelf makeover...Happy b-day, too. You are a young thing, yet! Good luck with all that ballet much for a mom and a young one to handle in a week.

    Hope your postal system gets back to business soon...

    Much love,

  6. Very cute!! You and your sister both do such a nice job with themes.

  7. Goodness this is adorable! I love it. The logo looks very professional.

  8. Your sister did such a great job with this! You are so fortunate to be able to share your creative endeavors with each other. :-)


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