Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wooden Bowl Plantings

This time of year, I just want to be outside, but it has rained for several days straight - the sort of rain which lasts just about the entire day.  So, I decided to bring our planting activities inside. Wooden bowls are in abundance at thrift shops and (even on the side of road in these parts) and they make nice planters. With a thrifted bowl, we put together this little planting with some soil, small river rocks, moss, wheat grass, succulent, and something Lily gave me for Mother's Day which she isn't certain about.  Before planting, I drilled about 8 holes in the bottom of the bowl for drainage.
Another activity -which isn't necessarily aesthetic but a fun learning opportunity- is to sprout carrot tops.

Just cut the carrot tops off and put in a vessel (we used recycled packaging) with a little water.  You can watch the tops sprout.  Lily is studying measurement, so it was a nice opportunity to measure the sprout.

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  1. We'd grow carrot sprouts when I was a kid. I love the wooden planters. The succulent plant looks awesome.

  2. Your wooden bowl arrangement is sweet. We used to do carrot tops at home all the time when I was a child.

    I did them once when my girls were much littler. I need to do it again.

    I have a couple photos of my carrot in its Skippy PB lid saucer in my gallery Preservation: :)

  3. Your bowl looks so pretty, KJ. I love the addition of the butterfly. Succulents are about the only plant I can keep alive. I've never heard of sprouting carrot tops!

  4. I love the idea of a wooden bowl being used as a pot!! Lovely arrangement btw!
    And I would love to try and sprout some carrots myself. Never heard of it either! Thanks for the tip! I still remember your ingenious idea of preserving tomato seeds for planting - man ... that was a killer idea!

  5. Great idea for wooden bowls. Your succulent plant arrangement is gorgeous. I'm right there with you on the wet stuff outside. Rain, rain, go away!

  6. Love the wooden bowl activity. It is REALLY cute. I think I might try it.

    I loved how the sun came out yesterday for a few hours.


  7. Ok, I need to move somewhere where they leave wooden bowls by the side of the road! :-) There is something really elegant about this arrangement -- love the contrast in textures.

  8. I love the wooden bowl planter! they would work great for a small herb garden as well. Great job! Thank you for joining TTF. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  9. I love, love, love the wooden bowl idea. I often grab those bowls at the thrift store, and we use them for many different things, but I've yet to plant in them.

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