Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Portfolio Dress

My pal (her garment to be shown soon) and I participated in our first sew-along hosted by Chris and Gwen.

I made my dress from Anna Marie Horner's Good Folks in Filigree/AH 23 Dusk.  A few of the details:

Denim contrast.

Covered Buttons.

The pocket interior facing is also denim.

and me in it.

While I wore this dress to the office, I do feel that it is too short. I really like Chris' added contrast band and I might make that change.  Sadly, I didn't have enough of this fabric in my stash to adjust the original pattern from the outset.  I also took in the sides of the dress at the waist.  The sizing on this pattern is tricky.  After reading the comments on the Lisette blog, in the end I went with my bust size, but left a little extra seam allowance on the back pieces in case it fit too tight through the hips.  A wise dressmaker would prepare a muslin first.  Attaching the contrast neck piece to the dress neckline was also tricky and I still think mine is off.  The best part about this pattern is the way the pockets come together. It has a nice finish.

An online sew-along is a wonderful experience for sewists to connect and share a common project experience.  Thanks Chris and Gwen!

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  1. KJ, the fabric you chose is beautiful! I love your dress, and you look lovely in it. Thanks for participating in the sew along. It was fun.

  2. You look simply darling in that lovely dress.

  3. absolutely adorable. I honestly love everything about it and the length is perfect. I'm very impressed - I can only sew in a straight line and that's it! -diane

  4. Those pockets look interesting. Love the print you chose. I've never done a sew-along for clothing (just a baby quilt), but it sounds motivating.

  5. KJ I love your new dress! And I really mean it! The fabric is fabulous and together with the paired denim it is an exquisite dress. I cannot find any faults with the neckline and the pockets turned out a great detail. You look fantastic in it!
    P.S I don't think it's too short - it's just right!

  6. wow, U made this?!!!! It is fabulous. So cute. Love the pocket. You look so cute in it!


  7. Your dress looks fantastic, KJ. I love that you used denim for the pocket facing and that you made your own fabric-covered buttons. I wasn't happy with the length of my dress, either. It's just a hair too short for me. You look great! Thanks for sewing along with us :)

  8. Lovely dress and lovely person wearing it! I wished we lived closer so you could teach me to sew...

  9. I really love those Lisette patterns. Your dress is so fab!

  10. The dress looks great! It would look very good with a denim band on the bottom of it, no one would guess that it was an after thought.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. You look so pretty in that dress! Thank you for linking to my party!

  12. Beautiful colors...Chris is so good at adding details that make stuff extra special.

  13. Your dress looks lovely - great job! I often wear footless tights to work if I'm feeling my dress is a bit short.

  14. Hi, KJ! I featured your beautiful dress today :)



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