Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mini Peat Pot Sombreros and other business

We scheduled our weekly "family taco night" for this evening in celebration of Cinco de Mayo and made these little sombreros.  It is a quick little craft that was linked up by Crafts N Things for Children via kaboose.  The original instructions called for disposable cups but we used mini peat pots!

Having had a chance to visit Mexico in March, the girls are into all things Mexican.  We had these little portraits "commissioned" of ourselves while on holiday. I brought them out this evening to humour them and bring back memories of our holiday.

As for the Royal Wedding Keepsake giveaway, congratulations to Jonnie over at MoM of BoYs with ToYs
 who commented: "Your work is gorgeous! At first I wasn't at all interested in this whole Royal Wedding but as the event got closer, I got pulled into the hype and found myself up in the middle of the night last night watching the coverage. I'm so glad I saw this historic event."

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For our Royal Wedding breakfast last Friday, I made lemon curd for the first time and I am now official addicted.  You might want to consider this easy recipe if you are making your own Mother's Day brunch :)  I used this Gourmet (2001) recipe {thanks to Stephmodo who has a ton of uses for lemon curd.}

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. The sombreros made me squeal with delight... how cute are those?!? Adorable project, KJ. And your lemon curd looks delicious.

  2. The sombreros are so clever and cute! Great job!


  3. Love the sombreros and the portraits are adorable!! I love reading how you celebrate holidays and having international nights at home! Especially the details you pay attention to mark the occasion! It's great for your children in terms of discovering the beauty of a multicultural environment and it is so much FUN!

  4. Those peat pots are coming in handy for lots and lots of projects. Brilliant!

  5. Hi KJ, sorry not to have been round for a while, I feel I've been off the blogging radar for some time. You lot are so industrious, I can't believe the craftiness you and your girls get up to - where do you keep it? Those Mexican portraits are so lovely, as is the dress you made, and as ever you look perfect!

    Happy weekend x

  6. Peat pot sombreros? How sweet are those! I've never celebrated Cinco de Mayo before but "may" have to think about doing something for it next year.

    I've never tried lemon curd... Is it like custard? I guess I'll have to check it out after your glowing report.

    Thanks for the great ideas KJ, as always, and have a terrific Mother's Day!


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