Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fortune Cookie Diaper Cake

I have posted before about fortune cookies. I love them. My girls love them. They just make me happy.  Fortune cookies are such a wonderful way to share happy announcements, perhaps the upcoming birth of a child! 

One of my colleagues  and his wife our expecting their first child.  My pal and I were in charge of the decorations for his shower.  He and his wife are Chinese so we picked red and gold (in Chinese his surname translates gold) and a fortune cookie-inspired shower.

The diaper cake featured red and gold ribbon and  felt fortune cookies (I have posted about these before, and you can find out how to make them {super easy no-sew} over at Treasure for Tots).  Inside each fortune cookie, coworkers shared parenting tips (both serious and not-so).

We also made fortune cookie corsages for mum and dad-to-be.  All the fortune cookies (with parenting tips) were taken home in a "take out" style box.
As the newborn will be a "rabbit" there were a few Chinese New Year decorations (stamp above) and a garland from CNY envelopes
Chinese Calligraphy with good wishes (the Baking Barrister's mum made these, beautiful!)

Lots of lanterns.
My favourite Chinese take out table cloth.
And the Baby Facebook game. Guests bring baby photos and everyone tries to figure out who is who.
It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the excitement and happiness of a couple's first child,


  1. This is such a neat baby shower idea, KJ. Very unique. I love the idea of guests sharing parenting tips in the form of fortunes! The fortune cookie corsages are adorable, too. Fabulous shower :)

  2. Oh my goodness. This would be PERFECT for an adoption shower too. I would have loved to have done this for Josie's homecoming showers. Beautiful decorations and that fortune cookie cake is just too sweet. You've outdone yourself!!


  3. i always forget how teeny tiny newborn diapers are ~ they're adorable !

  4. What a neat showers are so much fun.

  5. KJ this is a wonderful post!
    I love all the decorations you used and the fortune cookie theme is a fabulous idea! The parenting tips are something they are going to appreciate a lot! I strained my eyes to catch some but couldn't (that would have been hilarious -sharing a tip or two - especially the not serious ones like the one starting with "It's only poop-...")

    Great party!

  6. Oh my word that is fun!


    PS. I was at a wedding recently and the little gifts where a little bag of fortune cookies. The fortune cookies where all different flavors!

  7. I think you included some wonderful ideas here. I'm sure the parents to be were touched by so many loving details.

  8. This is a great gift idea! The fortune cookie tips are cool too - I bet the parents to be had a great time reading the tips. :-)

  9. KJ, wow, such a cool theme for a party. Everything was so well planned and executed: the diaper cake, the fortune cookies corsages, the rabbit garland. And those fortunes are a hoot. Well done (as always!)!

    BTW, saw your portfolio dress on both Gwen's and Chris' sites this morning. You're everywhere girl. Way to go!!!


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