Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dramatic Play: Flower Shop

I didn't intend to be away from this space for the week.  I hope you had a lovely weekend. It rained here, but we made the best of it and we are really looking forward to next weekend.  It's a long weekend in Canada (Victoria Day) and traditionally, it's the weekend folks in my zone put out their tender plants.  

In anticipation, I wanted to share this fun flower shop dramatic play center my sister created for her students to celebrate Mother's Day and planting season. 

I loved this drama centre as I have a weakness for flowers and flower shops.  When I retire from my day job, I hope to open a flower shop, the sort of shop with a lots of big drums in the storefront and lots of variety.  Nothing too fussy.  Flower shop dramatic play is a wonderful way to teach your child about the varieties of flowers.  Another useful tool I use is that when walking my girls to school each day, we discuss what is in bloom each week. Lily is now able to teach her younger sister, in sequence of bloom.        

Flower Shop Dramatic Play Materials:

1.   AJ purchased inexpensive artificial flowers from Michael's at the end of last summer they were discounted by 90% (keep this in mind!).

2. Plastic window boxes lined with cardboard to plant flowers (cut slits in the cardboard for the flowers to be planted)

3. plastic gardening tools, shovels, rakes, water cans, children's gardening gloves from the dollar shop

4. plastic vases

5. flower pots

6. cash register

7. order forms

8. two telephones to take orders

9. coloured tissue paper to wrap bouquets of flowers

10. card stock to write notes for the bouquets

The students wrote their own word cards of different flower names. Two telephones were set up so they could take pretend phone orders.  Sparkle box has printable flower shop order forms .

ring! ring!  I will have have 6 stargazers please!
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  1. Fun!! My youngest is eager to begin planting but this year is cold and wet so we haven't done much yet.

  2. How creative and fun. I can't wait to show this post to my preschool teacher sister. What a fantastic classroom center.

  3. Like this idea!!! I going to use this with me class. Thank You!

  4. Oh this is so much fun!!!
    A great post KJ!

  5. i like your method of teaching the flowers names and bloom times to your girls. that makes so much sense. when we go for walks, it's often car makes and models that are of interest to my son. maybe I could incorporate flowers too...

  6. What fun. I can imagine your girlies spending hours selling their wares.

  7. This is so cute and creative. I love this idea. Great learning experience.

  8. That is such a pretty game too..all those very cute accessories to play with!

  9. I love this. Can I come and play please?

  10. Wow = you have some of the best ideas ever for dramatic play! I love how you so completely build your centers - what fun!


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