Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will and Kate Wooden Dolls and Felt Foam Wedding Cake

My little ones love to play "royal wedding."  A couple of weeks ago, for one of our family movie nights, we  watched Royal Wedding (1951) with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell. They loved the film so much (we ended up watching it twice) and they are now on a huge royal wedding kick (like their mum). 

As the girls will not be receiving a Franklin Mint doll, I decided to make them wooden dolls.  Last summer, Serving Pink Lemonade posted about how she made some little wooden dolls for her daughter's doll house. I really liked her simple approach, so I adapted it to make Will and Kate dolls.  The wooden forms are 3.5 inch high "angel pegs" from Caseys.

I don't think it is official what Will be wearing on the big day, but it will definitely be a uniform. I put him in a blue sash (Knight of the Order of the Garters). I kept Kate's dress simple and added a tulle veil.

Here are the dolls on top of a 3 layer felt foam wedding cake.  I just made two more layers to the cake I posted about here.  The two top layers are solid and do not have removable pieces, unlike the bottom layer.

The dolls are far from perfect, but they love them - although Lily did note, "you forgot their smiles."

Have a great week! It was absolutely beautiful in Toronto this weekend, and  so nice to spend lots of time outdoors. 

{psst....if you are interested in Will and Kate paper dolls, I see Dover has published a set.}
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  1. How fun!

    Agreed what a beautiful weekend!


  2. These look like a lot of fun to play with...and infinitely more affordable than the other doll! Today has been lovely, here too. Hooray for sunshine.

  3. I love your sweet Will and Kate dolls. I'm going to be showing how to make wooden bunnies and Easter bunny houses this week on my blog. I think I need to try these too.

  4. The dolls are adorable, KJ. I love that your daughter's loved Royal Wedding :) Thanks for the link to Caseys. I think I'll be placing an order in the future.

  5. these are incredibly adorable!!! Oh my, I have been thinking if there was anything I could create to help commemorate this occasion - you have done a fantastic job :)

  6. Just too royal for words...I love it. It is really neat that your girls loved that movie and are now just as excited as you are about the wedding. Thanks for the heads-up on the Dover paper dolls. I simply love that publishing company because of the stickers, paper dolls, and such. I think I will be making an online purchase. . .

    Have a great week...

  7. So adorable! And I love the dolls, even without the smiles :)

  8. Oh my Goodness - they are adorable!! I have unusual fondness for peg dolls! Must say you did a perfect job (even without the smiles :) and the whole composition is unique!

  9. I just read what Christine has written and sound just like an echo with my comment! Sorry!

  10. Your Will and Kate peg dolls are too cute! And, I love how you added that little tulle veil.

  11. very cute!! i'm sure you could sell them for some $$ to all the royal lovers out there! ;)

  12. I bet your little ones love these, they're so sweet!

  13. These are so super cute! I think I might give them a try.
    Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by my blog. :)

  14. I think you should call the news so they can put your cake and peg dolls on it. The news in my area seems to be pretty hyped over this wedding.
    What a cute idea!
    Found you on Tater Tots and Jello!

  15. love it! haha. what a great idea.


  16. LOVE these!! I'll be linking on Thursday--hope you'll stop by! ;)


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