Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teaching myself new skills: Cross Stitch, Will & Kate

When we were on vacation, I tucked a little cross-stitch sampler in my suitcase, just in case.  I knew nothing about cross-stitch.  I have never tried cross stitch.  The sampler kit was actually a donation from my manager who was downsizing her "craft department."

Anyway, I taught myself to cross-stitch.  Here is a peak at that project.
I will probably post about the sampler in its finished form in a future post.

While I was teaching myself to cross stitch, Miss Lily had a hoop in her hands.  We used produce mesh (specifically the mesh which covers a clementine crate).  I was inspired by this post over at Two chicks and a hen .   {If you are interested in teaching kids to embroider you may also be interested in this post over at Filth Wizardry which uses shelf liners}.
Instead of a needle, Lily used a bodkin (the blunt tool which is used to pull elastic through a casing).

Since that first heart sampler, I have completed another project (haven't posted about yet) and I was ready for a third more complex piece.  Enter Bugs and Fishes' Royal Wedding Cross Stitch Sampler.

I finished the piece prior to the wedding (sigh...) and I set it into a block to make a small pillow (9" by 9").

The sashing fabric is a discontinued print from Aunt Grace's 2005 Scrap Bag.  The pillow will be a nice momento pillow to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and I am linking it to Stitch in Color's Bloggers' Pillow Party
Blogger's Pillow Party
Unfortunately, there is only one pillow and my two girls are bickering over it!

Have a wonderful week and check out all the great projects at
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  1. I've never heard of or seen a bodkin! I think it's a fabulous tool for kidlets to learn to sew with. You've done great with the cross stitch, and good luck with sharing the darling pillow.

  2. What great ideas for teaching cross stitch. Your pillow is fabulous.

    PS. The Easter bunny is bringing Kai-lan sewing cards to Miss Josie's Easter basket. They were clearanced at Michael's.

  3. How on earth did you teach yourself to cross stitch. I would need lessons. That reminds me that I have a couple of kits that I bought a few years back! YIKES, I haven't learned yet.

    This pillow is just so sweet. Wow, I am so impressed.


  4. You certainly don't waste any time KJ! Looks great. Well done.

  5. Oh, thanks for linking to me! I actually used to cross stitch when I was little (maybe late elementary school?). My mom was really into doing it for awhile, and I used to do it with her. I wouldn't mind starting up again, actually. Maybe I'll put this on my (ever-growing) list :).

  6. I've never seen a bodkin, either. LOVE the idea of giving it to a child instead of a needle. My oldest would love this. So clever. I adore your pillow, KJ. It looks fantastic. I'm really enjoying your royal wedding excitement.

  7. Yes, this is my first time seeing a bodkin too (KJ you are such a genius!)and this would be appropriate to use for small children. As per the cross stitch that is one great and neat job!!!
    The pillow is fabulous!

  8. The pillow looks fantastic! I'm so delighted you chose to use my sampler pattern :) Would it be okay to post your photo on my blog? (with credit and linkage, of course!)

  9. Thanks for the kind feedback friends! I am also glad you found the bodkin interesting :)

    Bugs & Fishes - of course, it would be honour!

  10. The pillow is absolutely beautiful! I would never guess it was your very first cross stitch endeavour!

  11. You are old cross-stitching pro now, aren't you? Your work looks so even and perfect. I think tension is usually the issue with beginners, but not you at all.

    Hey, I posted a yarn on vegetable mesh project way-back-when. I should bring it out again and do another one!

  12. I'd love to try cross stitch! Thanks for joining in on the Pillow Party!


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