Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Activities

I wanted to post about a really cute craft my sister did with her son and her kindergarten class, but before I do I thought I would give a shout out to the park clean-ups occurring  in Toronto.

In Toronto, throughout the entire month of April neighbourhoods organize formal and informal clean-ups.  In addition to cleaning up the area, free garden compost is available.  Sadly, this spring, the weather has been extremely windy, cold and rainy and many of the clean-ups have been cancelled. My good friend - who I met about 8 years ago at a park clean up (and who is now 8 months pregnant and has 3 boys 4 years  and under!) - organized an informal clean up a very bad alleyway space in our neighbourhood.   Four of us got together to clean up the space. It is so nice to have enthusiastic people around me, motivation is catching.  I documented the efforts.

As for a very sweet Earth Day craft, my sister was inspired by this post by Christy over at Super heroes and princesses. Christy has a great activity for children to make an earth using hand prints.  Here is a picture of the hand print earths in my sister's classroom.  My sister used old newspaper to cut the circles.
 With my nephew, they used paper mache to cover a balloon and they applied the same hand print technique.  This is the sort of craft which might take a few crafting sessions to complete given the drying time involved.

I think this is a wonderful craft.  Have a great day!


  1. Josie's preschool has been busy with earth day celebrations. Loving the ideas on this post. I'll have to share these with their director.

  2. Cute craft, and fantastic job on the alley cleanup! Hubby and I like to go for weekly 'garbage walks' each weekend during the non-snowy months -- makes a big difference in the neighbourhood. Now if only it would quit snowing...

  3. What kid doesn't love to paint with their hands?? What fun.

  4. Two thumbs up for Earth savers!!
    Cleaning up - one of the least favourite activities which I plunge into enthusiastically when I think of my children and that I do that for their future. My class had a school yard clean up and put a great effort in it, must say. They all did a great job! And you did too, KJ!!

  5. good for you and the clean up team. That is fabulous. You have inspired me!



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