Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crafting with kids: Crown Jewels

On the weekend, my sister and I spotted some "Crown Jewel pre-made craft kits" on a UK site (unfortunately, I can't find the link right now, but will add it when I do!). 

Inspired this post on Red Ted's Art Blog and my old 1973 version of The Queen, we cut out the shapes from my cardboard stash (the cardboard is cereal box weight). (Not shown: two additional strips of cardboard for the top of the crown and white felt for fur for the bottom).

After painting the cardboard gold (DecoArt's Spun Gold), the kids decorated the crowns with stick-on jewels.  I added white felt and painted on black spots because I didn't have any leopard faux fur in my stash.

We now have something to wear !


  1. I need one to wear while watching the wedding in very early morning!


  2. I cannot say how much I like these pre-royal weeding projects you do!! The crowns are stunning - the kids must be delighted!!

  3. How beautiful! Be sure to take lots of pictures of you ALL wearing your crowns!!

  4. These would be so fun in the dress up box!

  5. Love these, KJ. The girls will love to dress up for the big event tomorrow. So cute!

  6. Your costume crowns are the best ever! And I adore that sweet bow tie above too. Absolute perfection :) ~diane


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