Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello McKitty for my wee lasses

My maternal grandfather was an Orangeman from Belfast who fled immigrated to Australia during the "troubles."  We did not celebrate St. Patrick's Day in our home.  My mother never mentioned the holiday to us - too much Protestant v. Catholic baggage.

I only started celebrating the holiday after meeting my husband.   He also introduced me to the Irish music. Here we are with the Wolfe Tones at the Gentle Annie's pub in Ottawa as newlyweds in 1993. That same year was a good one for shows, we were "lucky" saw the Chieftains and the Hothouse Flowers too!

Since we have had kids, my husband has put on an annual St. Patty's sing-a-long at the pre-school. This year, he has coordinated the sing-a-long with a little birthday celebration for Evangeline Hope. In anticipation, I whipped up some skirts using Hickety Pickety's "Quick and Easy No-Hem Skirt" tutorial.  I added some thrifted trim because the girls are really into embellishment right now. If I get a chance, I will update this post with a few photos, but tomorrow will be a busy day.

There was enough fabric left over for a scalloped bunting.

The girls are looking forward to the sing-a-long.  Regardless of whether you are celebrate or not, may the wind always be at your back,
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  1. Such a lovely skirt and bunting. Have a wonderful St. Patty's day!

  2. The skirt and bunting are too sweet! Love the gingham and lace. We don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day now, but I imagine it will be more fun when the kids are in school and have a clue that it exists.

    I used to work under an editor named O'Reilly. On St. Patrick's day, he would add an O' to everyone's last name, even his own -- Mick O' O'Reilly. It always made everyone laugh.

  3. The skirts are adorable. I'm sure they will be so happy to wear them as they perform. Enjoy!

  4. what a great pic of you when you were young(er) too! hope you all had a lovely St Patrick's day sing-a-long!

    lovely little skirt and bunting, btw!

  5. Ok, the skirt? Adorbs! And who could not love Hello Kitty bunting. I would say that you are celebrating St. Patrick's Day in style.

  6. Well I enjoyed this post so much!!!
    Lovely pictures you've got here and the projects are adorable! Have a great time!

  7. You're just plain awesome...

    Heart warming stuff McKJ;)Nice post

    And may the shine always shine upon your face...

  8. How wonderful! Don't you just love our husbands who love to make our kids' experiences special?

    I think Kim K. and I need to travel to Toronto for some sewing lessons!

    Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

    P.S. Can't remember if I commented on your blog about your daughter's b-day celebration in Mexico...but, just how great is that! Happy 3rd birthday to her!

  9. The skirt is so cute! I just love the material!


  10. Love the shamrock Hello Kitty fabric! The skirts are adorable. The girls must love them. And that trim is too sweet.


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