Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Angels

My husband and I went on a date this weekend, without the girls. It's been over 2 months, maybe close to three - we couldn't remember the last time.  We don't have a "babysitter" so when the inlaws offer, we jump at the chance!  We went to a Brazilian restaurant for dinner and a movie (The King's Speech - Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are magic together).

Our weekend was completely over extended with the regular lessons, a little friend's birthday party, and finishing all of those 60+ Valentines..eek!  For Lily's daycare we used Ellen's printable available over at Alpha Mom.  On the reverse of each  heart we included a word cloud with every child's name. My middle sister really helped out. She's skilled with those sorts of things and was able to use Worldle and make a word cloud including each child's name. It looked great.
For Ev.Hope's Valentine, we didn't get too wordy. We chose a photograph. She's not yet three and doesn't write.  This Valentine was inspired by sweet Dandee.  Instead of typography, I used my dollar shop chalkboard vinyl and created little conversation bubbles. Each 3 year old will know exactly who this Valentine came from!

I felt a little overwhelmed  by Valentine's Day this year. 60 + loves notes.  Exhausting. While Miss Lily was falling asleep on Sunday evening she realized we had forgotten the crossing guard.  Fortunately, I had whipped up a batch of toblerone fudge so it was easy to put one together given the timing.

Probably my favourite part of Valentine's Day was this morning, when the girls came down for breakfast and saw their Valentine's Day Angels and homemade marshmallows.   They were so pleased. They asked to make an extra angel to bring to their teachers.  The Valentine Angel printable is available at All Sorts and I spotted it on the Musings of Kim K's great blog.

I hope you had a wonderful day full of love, chocolate and great memories,


  1. So many Valentines! But you managed it, way to go! Happy Valentine's Day KJ!

  2. You've been so busy. I'm exhausted just seeing everything you've done. Everything is just lovely. Happy Valentine's!!

  3. Everything looks so sweet! Well done! And yay for date night.

  4. I swear you are the QUEEN of Valentines! The cards are outstanding!



  5. Wow! KJ - You've bring a true magic for Valentine! You never cease to surprise me with your resourcefulness! Love the angels and the valentines you made for both L. and Ev.H.! So sweet!
    P.S. Thank you on the link to Skip to my Lou!
    I used her templates to make some daisy and butterfly lollipops for Eva to give as "thank you for coming" treat on her birthday party!

  6. I love the bouncy balls! Great alternative to candy. Adorable. And thanks for the link to the angels. They're beautiful!

  7. Darling bouncy balls! I love all the things you make with your girls :) Nancy


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