Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sewing projects for the kitchen using Valentine's Fabric

My pal, sister, and I have been working on a few sewing projects using Valentine's fabric.   This is what we have come up so far. 
Bamboo Tea Cozy
{Spoiler }This is my husband's Valentine's gift. He is a serious tea drinker, so I love those bamboo tea cozies you see in high-end tea shops. I made one using insulbrite and two different Valentine's fabrics.  If you suffer from the same sickness as me, you have a bamboo stash.  I didn't use any pattern for this, but the finished size is about 11 inches by 12 inches and it is lined just like making a bag. 

The next project is by my Pal N. She made a Valentine's Dish Mat using Darby's Tutorial.  She quilted two different Valentine's fabrics and backed the piece with a Walmart dishtowel. 

I love these dishmats so much. When I saw my pal's dishmat I ran home and immediate made one for my kitchen using the same Kokka print I used for my message board and a remnant from those dollar shop hooded towels I made last summer.

Be Mine Bunting
You are not limited by the fabric shop to find Valentine's fabric.  My sister found this little stash of goodness at the Goodwill which she quickly turned into scalloped bunting for her kitchen.

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  1. really, really, cute!

    I sure wish I could sew!


  2. I'm envious of anyone that can sew. As much as I love to craft, I can't sew hardly at all. I didn't inherit the sewing gene. Your projects are just lovely. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  3. that tea cozy is cool! The bamboo handle on top is a great touch.

    Oh I agree, I get so many of my craft supplies and some tools too at the thrift store... so much fun finding these little treasures amongst the junk!

  4. I made one of those dish mats a while back, too, but it's pretty plain. Seasonal versions are a terrific idea!

    Love your husband's tea cozy -- great gift!

  5. I love them all - and you've all used some adorable fabric!

  6. These are so cute! First of all, I LOVE your little tea set. That is so so cute. And the bamboo tea cozy is quite clever. I also LOVE the fabric you used for dishmat - looks very vintage. I'm bookmarking that tutorial because I have one dishmat I bought - that is ugly and somehow I never thought of making my own! Thanks for sharing!

  7. So many fun ideas, KJ. I wish we lived nearby and we could sew stuff together. :) The bunting is my favorite.

  8. All very cute! Great job on the tea cozy :D Let me know if your gf has any questions about the baby wrap... thanks for coming by my blog. It's funny we both recently posted hooded towels lol They're awesome!

  9. I love your tea cozy! And yes, I as well have a bamboo stash ;) Seriously, I might make a few cozies with credit of course!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Aren't Stephanie's linky parties so great? I love tour dish mat. We don't have a dishwasher, except for me ;) so I would love to have a dish mat. Thanks for sharing your great crafts.

  11. This tea cozy is great! I've not seen one with a bamboo handle before, and I love it. The dish mats are a great idea.

    Thanks for stopping by House Revivals and leaving a sweet comment.

  12. Your tea cozy is wonderful!! I bet it will be very appreciated.

  13. I came from ZakkaLife site. Love to see so much oriental crafty ideas here.

  14. My husband would totally covet your husband's tea cozy. I keep meaning to make him one but never get around to it. Such shame. Yours is perfect and I love your tea set!

  15. I love to sew but it's been so long! Thanks for sharing your projects in the DIY Project Parade! I'm going to highlight and link back in my DIY Valentine post today. ;)


  16. Love these projects, KJ! The bamboo tea cozy is fabulous. I'm loving all of the fabrics used. I really like your dish mat with the leftover message board fabric... so cute!


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