Sunday, February 27, 2011

Felt Foam Cake and Vintage Craft Books

Thank you for all the kind feedback on the dress and the needle books. I thought you might want to see why I have been carrying a needle book around.

This project has been over a year in the planning stages. Someone very special in this house is turning 3 years old next week and I actually managed to finish her gift in advance. Right now, I am basking in that "I am a super mom while 3 loads of laundry remain neglected" feeling.

This cake is made out of foam.  My pal (when her cake is done you will  see it as well) managed to secure the foam at an upholstery shop.  The choice of foam was inspired by Ikat Bag's foam cake; however, this cake is stitched by hand (blanket stitch with 100% cotton yarn).  I saw this post on There is Beauty All Around and decided to try to handstitch the felt around the foam (note: the Beauty All Around cake is not foam, but stuffed. In my cake, each piece of foam is covered by three pieces of felt.  Pin your felt to the foam and stitch around.)  The felt is a combination of wool and polyester.

The embellishments are all glued with fabric glue.  A little jumbo ric-rac, vintage trim for the piping, and the flowers are from A Market Collection's etsy shop.   They could have easily been stitched, but that would have required me to do it prior to stitching it on the foam and I did not plan that far ahead.

Finally, I thought I would also share a little coincidence.  My dad, because he is a great dad, always picks me up vintage craft books from his book sale adventures. He found this one "Easy Bazaar Crafts" by Better Homes and Gardens (c. 1981) and in it was a cake pincushion!!

I think my piping on top looks very similar, yeah '80s!! 
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  1. What a fun foam birthday cake. If I could sew, I might even attempt this version. Cool craft book! What a neat Dad to pick this up for you.

  2. your cake looks delicious and I would fancy a bite were it not made of foam and felt! just lovely!

  3. Love those old craft books! Your cake is going to be a sweet birthday present for sure!

  4. The cake is gorgeous! Your daughter will love it. I love the vintage trim... perfect choice.

  5. Well that cake sure does look delicious!!
    I know your little one will adore it since it is a beautiful gift. I love your post KJ and the well of ideas you collect from the internet and share here on your blog.

  6. So cute! What great piping on the cake. Love that cake in the craft book too- your dad is awesome to get you that book!

  7. Love the cake! Way to go in finishing it on time. Isn't it funny how crafty ideas get recycled too?

  8. That is such a great idea. I've seen the Melissa and Doug cake sets....but the problem with those is the *weight* of the pieces. You've solved it!! I would love it if you would link this up to my blog party, A Marvelous Mess. At each party I will pick one project to feature on my sidebar for a week!! Here is the link:

  9. I love vintage craft books! How fun!

  10. I adore this!!! That ric rac is so cute! Here’s another party if you would like to link up…

  11. I love the cake! I will try this next week for my daughter, who loves tea parties. Can't wait to follow your blog. I'm at
    and I'd love you to check it out!


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