Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crafting with my kids: Celebrating Chinese New Year with Cherry Blossoms

Our friends gave us these wonderful Hello Kitty Chinese New Year Envelopes
I have made it a family tradition to have a Chinese New Year portrait taken of our girls each year in a traditional outfit (you can see a *just a* couple of past photos Year of the Tiger photo here and year of the Ox photo here).   I try to frame them up with the corresponding Canada Post stamp.   I hope my girls, when they are grown, will enjoy looking back at themselves in their costumes.  This year, we have a cherry blossom backdrop. 

Cherry blossoms, while generally associated with Japan, are also indigenous to China and Korea.    At this time of year, in our China Town we often find flowering branches for sale. 

You can easily bring a little spring into your New Year celebrations with pink tissue paper, glue and branches. The cheap and cheerful project comes from Martha Stewart Crafts for Kids.  Both my older daughter and nephew loved this activity.
Miss Lily "focusing"

Here is our finished cherry blossom branches

and here is my proud nephew

Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback on our Chinese New Year projects. I have met so many new bloggers and it has been a wonderful experience to share a common theme. 

{If you need CNY crafting ideas, I have posted about the following projects(lacing fortune cookies,a Chinese New Year Drama Centre for preschoolers, kumquat thumprint art, Koi Kites,Felt Chinese FoodGlass Lanterns, and Paper Tube Fire Crackers}

Happy New Year my friends - enjoy the celebrations,


  1. It's been fun sharing CNY ideas with you. We're looking forward to continued celebrations at our house.

  2. The cherry blossoms would be fun for spring, too! Your girls look so pretty in their dresses.

  3. I love the CNY series you prepared and truly enjoy reading the post. And you also have a lovely tradition of taking pics of the girls in traditional outfits! Fabulous!
    Compliments for the cherry blossoms!

  4. The girls look beautiful. Yes, I have enjoyed getting to know you and your precious family while sharing craft ideas!

    I hope to get my blog updated tonight...This has been a killer week at school!

    Gung Hay Fat Choy!

  5. What a great craft! They turned out lovely... the cherry blossoms and the kids' pictures!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog... I love love cherry blossoms. I have them painted on my bathroom wall... maybe I'll put up picks sometime :)

    I love this craft... so sweet!

  7. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!

    This is such a wonderful idea. I'm going to make some cherry blossoms using yellow tissue paper. Ochna integerrima is our traditional New Years flower. My family will love them, thanks =)

  8. The cherry blossoms are so cute - your girls CNY pictures are the cutest thing ever! I looked at all of them and it's a wonderful tradition. I'm so glad you stopped by. :) Nancy


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