Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crafting with kids: Marble Painting using Dollar Shop Heart shaped pan

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been posting about dollar shop Valentine's projects.  This year, the dollar shops are filled with heart-shaped cake pans.  I am a little suspicious about the quality of these pans for actual baking, but there are so many other uses for cake pans.

I have posted about cake pan marble painting before. My sister often uses this technique for children aged 3-5 in the classroom setting.  It is a great alternative to paint brushes and children who don't normally like painting may enjoy this technique.

  • Cut a piece of paper into the shape of the baking form (if your pan came with a wrapper, use that).
  • Place the paper in the bottom of the cake form.
  • Squirt paint, various colours.
  • Now the child can roll the marble around in the pan by moving the pan from side to side.  Kids love this part.
  • When you feel that you have "rolled enough", put aside to dry.
  • Embellish your project, if you wish.

Stand back in awe.

One of my favourite blogs for kids crafts is Red Ted Art's Blog - always great accessible ideas. Today, they are posting about a lovely Valentine's handprint. Have fun!


  1. Very fun! I can't wait to do some crafting project with Josie this weekend.

  2. I want your dollar store! Mine is bad and nothing is a dollar!


  3. Oooooh, what a neat idea to use a heart shape pan!! Brilliant! And great for those little people in our lives to have a go with too! Brilliant. You have such wonderful ideas!

    (Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!! ;-))

  4. What a great idea!!!! I will have to try this!!!

  5. Very fun and they turned out great! I'll have if our Dollar Store has a pan like that.

  6. Fun idea! I'll have to see if I can get into Dollarama without the boys!

  7. I think my preschool class would love to try this...if I'm brave enough to let them!

  8. How adorable! Love the dollar shop too! They turned out great!

    We recreated your birdseed ornaments this weekend. So, thanks for the links to the other blogs.


  9. I completely forgot about marble painting until I saw your post. I really like the valentine twist you put on it.

  10. I LOVE your Valentine's and the way you marble painted them too.

    Stopping by from Kids Get Crafty.


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