Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crafting with Kids: Bird Feeders from Dollar Shop Silicone Baking Forms

Heart-shaped silicone baking forms are available in the dollar shops right now.  My sister picked up the two heart size and I picked up the 6 mini-muffin size.  In addition to recycling your crayons into new shapes, these forms are perfect for making those little bird feeders that you may have seen all through blog land.

It's a fun project to get your kids involved.
I used the tutorial at Under the Table Dreaming and my sister used the tutorial over at Alpha Mom.  If you want to use cookie cutters and wrap them as gifts you check out this wonderful project post at Saltwater Kids.

The finished feeders make wonderful little Valentine's gifts for the birds or for a friend to give to the birds.

We had a blast of winter overnight so our little friends are really going to appreciate these treats.

Happy Groundhog Day,


  1. Happy Groundhog's day! Love the heart-shaped treats for the birds. I need to get my hands-on those heart-shaped silicone molds. We're home today because of the blizzard. WOW!!

  2. Yes Mister Winter is on a rampage for sure. The little birdies will thank you! Very cool craft KJ!

  3. Happy Groundhog Day, KJ! Love these sweet feeders. We have lots of blue birds hanging around this winter who would enjoy them. What a fun craft!

  4. This is my first visit here, and I became a follower so I don't miss out on any more great ideas! I love creative people, and I can see this is going to be a fun place to hang out!! :)

    God bless! <><
    ~ Tanya

  5. Happy Groundhog's day! I guess it didn't see its shadow (or so I've heard)!
    Love the feeders!

  6. I am going to try these tomorrow! How fun!


  7. How funny, I've just written a post about birdy treats for publication at the weekend.. it's that time of year isn't it! We don't do groundhog day in the UK (in fact the first I'd ever heard of it was the Bill Murray film), but February 2 is Candlemas - which seems appropriate.


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