Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookie Decorating Party

My sister hosted a little cookie decorating party for 7 kids aged 2 to 5 (4 boys, 3 girls).  Everyone had lots of fun and I thought I would share some of the highlights here.

The guests were greeted by a chef's hat decorating station.  The kids could decorate their hats with foam heart stickers.  I found the hats at a restaurant supply store.  These ones are adjustable so they fit most sizes.  {I posted about the dishtowel aprons here.}

Next up: the icing station.   The "table cloth" is made from brown kraft paper and a jumbo scalloped heart punch.

The candy is fitted on an Ikea lazy susan for easy access.
The kids iced a couple of cookies each. The cookies were this recipe { Valentine's Day Vanilla CutOut Cookies.}

Sugar rush setting in...

Everyone was able to take home their cookies in a CD envelope. I spotted this idea at Hausfrau in Melbourne.  I picked the envelopes up at the dollar store (25 envelopes for $1).

In addition to sending home a real cookie, I whipped up a batch of felt sugar cookies.  I used Melissa's tutorial over at Until Wednesday Calls.  Instead of stuffing the cookies with polyfill, I found some packing foam. It was a quick sew.

On the table, my sister placed a Martha Stewart feather tree she had purchased a few years ago from Sears and transformed it into a "Valentine's tree" with some heart shaped ornaments and a red lace garland.  This idea was inspired by this post over at One More Moore.

To cut the sugar, somewhat, there was an assortment of fruit including heart shaped watermelon slices.

Everyone had a fun time and lots of memories were made!
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  1. What a fun party! So many great ideas for little ones.

  2. Everything looks amazing. I especially love the chef's hats. What a special day for everyone.

    PS. Your felt sugar cookies are pretty darn cute. You and I are definitely on a roll with felt food...hee hee.

  3. What an adorable party. I may just have to steal some of your ideas for ours on Friday afternoon. You and Kim are just too cute with your felt food "contest."

    Thanks again for sharing the lovely party...I know the kids had a blast!

  4. I love this idea. So many sweet inspirations all rolled up into one adorable post!! Thank you!


  5. KJ, so lovely to see everything in heart shapes. I especially love your paper on table with heart shape cutout. I thought this is real creative.

  6. This was wonderful. We are having our own cookie party on Sunday, love the paper tablecloth idea. so cute! And the watermelon, brilliant!
    p.s. I saw the felt cookies and was like "Hey I recognize those!" Thanks for the link! Happy ♥ day!

  7. This is such a cute idea. I might have to try this sometime. Came over here by way of Someday Crafts.

  8. What a fun and beautiful party! I am sure it was enjoyed by all! Kerri

  9. This is such an adorable and fun party idea. My oldest would love it. I love the CD envelope idea. Brilliant!


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