Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be My Reading Buddy and other love notes

We have been working on Valentines. Between the two girls, we have close to 60 make!!  With so many  printables out there, I find it a little overwhelming. 

This year, we chose mmmcrafts fabric book mark to make a "Be My Reading Buddy" bookmark for Lily's kindergarten class.  We used some Valentine fabric and "Happy Valentines Day" red ribbon. On the reverse of the book mark (not shown) is the name of each child in Lily's class.
Emery Board Valentines
 My sister came up with a neat adult alternative to the lollipop butterfly. She scored a variety of emery boards at a discount and used Skip to My Lou's butterfly template to create a nice note (you may recall I used pencils last year).  Wrap it up with a little hand lotion or sanitizer and you have a sweet gift.

Have a great weekend! {I anticipate I will be back at some point to report on further love notes, we have a lot of projects on the go.}


  1. I love your Valentines. That emery board butterfly is brilliant. I'm thinking that would be perfect for my tween and an upcoming bday party with some nailpolish as party favors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The bookmark is just great. We just might copy the idea and make a bunch tonight. You have the greatest ideas!

  3. I love those bookmarks. A kid valentine thats actually usable...fantastic idea! The adult ones are so sweet too, I'm always in need of more emery boards.

  4. Those bookmarks are such a lovely idea.. I think I'll make one for my man, he's a book worm and reckons Valentine's Day is over-rated so this would be perfect. Thank you so much. Your blog is such an inspiration ^_^

  5. you and your sister are two awesome crafty souls! These are fabulous! I love the material and the ribbon used for the book marks!


  6. Such simple, super ideas. I wish the dollar store and I were on speaking terms.

  7. Oh my gosh, the bookmarks are my new favorite Valentine idea ever. If we hadn't already planned and started ours, we'd be stealing that idea outright! Now I know what we're doing next year :).

  8. Wow - you have so many clever and fun ideas! Love these!


  9. Cute ideas. I love the bookmarks. It's so nice that the Valentines double as a useful little gift.


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