Monday, January 3, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Just before Christmas my 5 year old lost her first tooth. Of course - I was tied up travelling with day job (back to back hearings outside the city) and missed the big event. I didn't find out until almost 20 hours after it happened. I felt terrible. 

I told her I wasn't "prepared" for this, "I haven't sewn you a tooth fairy pillow yet."

The all-knowing Miss Lily said, don't worry Mum, the tooth fairy plucked it right out of my mouth in the middle of the night.  We have never found the missing tooth.

I knew I had to be ready for the next tooth, so I started my research on tooth fairy pillows.

I felt this sense of urgency that it had to be done that day.  I ultimately embarked on Goody Goody's Matryoshka pillow, with a few deviations - I made the face in felt and added grosgrain loop to the top (for storage purposes) and a little embellishment to the pocket).

Miss Lily lost the next tooth 6 hours later right in front of me.

PS: I am going to share my "extensive tooth fairy pillow research" with you. Here are some other amazing options. I love them all and if I were oc (jury out), I would make a different one for each tooth. Well, maybe I will.

Dragon & Phoenix felt matryoshka tooth fairy pillow
absolutely gorgeous tooth fairy pillow at mmmcrafts  (for a girl)
tooth officer pillow for a boy at mmmcrafts
robot tooth fairy pillow at goody-goody
matryoshka tooth fairy pillow at the long thread

PPS. the main fabric is Dena Design Rambling Rose for FreeSpirit , I used it on a quilted rocking horse cover as well. It works well with denim.   My girls have outgrown this rocking horse and we are giving it with the new seat pad to our sweet little neighbour.

reverse side
Be sure to check out all the great projects at

handmade projects


  1. Yay Lily! Glad you were there for the 2nd and that pillow is adorable!

    (Quincy lost his first about 3 weeks ago and his 2nd on Christmas day... they're growing up)

  2. SUPER cute! As much as I adore my boys, there are times when it would be nice to be making things for a girl! This is one of those times.

  3. This little pillow is amazing, KJ. I thought I knew which pillow I would be making in a few years for my oldest, but I have changed my mind after seeing yours. Love it. Thanks for all the great links!

  4. What a fabulous creation! Watch out, she may try to yank a tooth in order to use that pillow. :) What's the going rate for teeth in Canada?

  5. I am slightly obsessed with those dolls, and that pillow is darling!



  6. Bonita historia, la almohada es preciosa. Besos

  7. What a beautiful Tooth fairy! Love the felt face and the embroidered lashes and mouth are quite effective! The fabric is adorable - I love how you combined the red fabric (with the blue flowers)with the blues from the bottom! Fantastic!
    Thank you for the links. I am off to check them out!

  8. Thanks my friends, Chris going rate is $2 in these parks. The dollar is at par with the US Dollar. Do you think that was overly generous?:) She bought a puss and boots 3D castle puzzle at the dollar shop.

  9. How funny, I have a Baboushka doll on my "To do" list. Love that yours is for the toothe fairy!


  10. Love the Tooth Fairy pillow. The one my Mom gave me was one of my childhood favorites. I have a bit of time before my little starts losing them but I will keep the suggestions to have it for later. Thanks! Kerri

  11. I also love the tooth fairy pillow. Thanks for showing us.

    Warmly, Michelle


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