Sunday, January 16, 2011

Organizing Bug Projects: Pantry Chalkboard Labels and Remote Control Organizer

Every now and then I get this strong need to just bring some sense of order to just one spot. 

I was tired of having bits and pieces in random ziplocs and plastic containers.

I recently inherited over two dozen mason jars from my mother-in-law.  Using some chalkboard vinyl from the dollar shop, a Uchida super jumbo merchandise punch (on loan from my pal), and my Uchida chalkboard marker (which is my absolute favourite marker), I set out to fix up the pantry.

The project is not quite complete but I am really happy with the work so far.

The next organizing project was to take care of the remote situation. 

My pal gave me the 2011 Sewing Calendar for Christmas and one of February projects includes Sew-Mad's remote control organizer.  I adapted the tutorial to incorporate two napkins from Anthropologie which I purchased a couple of years ago during a linens sale.

I am really hoping this organizing bug strikes again soon!

The Hello Kitty CNY Giveaway is here.

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  1. I'm heading to my own pantry right now to stuff my cupcake cups into a jar! So much better than those little plastic containers they come in.

    Love the remote holder, too, although since we ditched our cable last year, we really only have one remote that we use.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind feedback.
    Tanya, well spotted! I saw the idea about cupcake liner storage on Chez Larsson, who is one of my organizing queens, last summer. Here is the link

  3. The jars look great. I also use jars (mason and otherwise) for food storage, but I don't have them labeled. This actually becomes a problem sometimes with similar-looking grains, etc. I didn't know there was chalkboard vinyl. I wonder if we have this at our dollar store. Is your dollar store part of a chain? Is the vinyl adhesive-backed? Finally, what is the story with this chalkboard marker? Thanks!

  4. Jaimie, I purchase my marker at De Serres which I believe is a Quebec company
    the marker works on glass, chalkboard, tile, but wipes off easily and no dust
    I bought the vinyl at DOLLARAMA which is a chain in Toronto maybe elsewhere, it comes in a roll similar to contact paper or shelf liner and it was in the scrapbooking / crafting section. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  5. Your labels and organized pantry are so cute! I love them! The remote holder is just so pretty - who could resist using it to keep them in place? Great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  6. The neatly lined and labeled jars in your cupboard are fantastic! Love this!
    And my remote controls would die for such a fashionable storage bag!!

  7. Everything looks so tidy and perfect. I love those labels. Nice!

  8. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I stumbled across your blog today & have a new daily read! You said you got the chalkboard stickers at a dollar store?? Awesomeness.

  9. LOVE both of these ideas!

    My $$ Store never has cool things like chalkboard vinyl!

  10. Love the jars! I tried making chalkboard labels just yesterday with paint,and it was a MESS... never knew about chalkboard vinyl! So glad I saw your creation over at DIY Show Off!

  11. Ok, I have that exact punch so there are no excuses for me not doing this project! You are on a roll over there.

  12. Those are some tidy looking jars! Now I want tidy looking jars! Thanks for the great idea!

  13. I am totally impressed. I found your blog from Organize and Decorate Everything. I am not a DIY organizing person. I organize... but I'm not good at making it first. lol
    Love the chalkboard labels! My brain is working on how I could use that here. Also the remote holder...
    I would love it if you could link this up to my Organizing Mission Monday link party. I keep it open until Saturday. Hope to see you!
    oh... I'm not on blogger.. so going to leave my link so you can find your way there easier.

  14. WOW!!! Love your labels and your remote control organizer!!! :)

  15. Thanks so much for visiting my link party! Those labels are the bomb!

  16. I love both your ideas. The chalkboard labels look great and you did an awesome job on the remote control organizer. Thanks for linking to We're oRganized Wednesday. I'll be featuring this tomorrow.

  17. What a fun idea for labels in your pantry! I love it! Thanks for sharing on tt&j!


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