Friday, January 28, 2011

Fortune Cooking Lacing Activity

My sister used this activity in her class which is based on  Roylco Fortune Cookie kit.  Unfortunately, there are only 12 cookies in each kit, so if you have a standard size class room you will have to make more cookies so that each child can participate (or buy a second kit).  The advantage of the kit is the rubbing template, but if you want the children to print their own fortunes, you really wouldn't need the kit as the activity is really just an exercise in paper folding technique. 

1. Trace a 6.5inch diameter circle on cream cardstock

2. Fold in half to form a semi-circle

3. Fold four sides of circle as shown below

4. Fold again in a semi circle (see photo)

5. Hopefully, you should have something that looks like this.

6. Shape into a fortune cookie form.

7. Punch holes around the curve for lacing

8. Tie one end of the yarn

9. Hand the project over to a keen student

10.  As mentioned above, the kit comes with a rubbing activity, if you don't have the kit you can omit this step and create your own fortunes on strips of paper.

11. Tuck in your fortune

12.  Stand back and admire your work!!

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Oh, I love this! Can't wait to try it out with Josie. We've got chocolate covered fortune cookies to be made this weekend for her preschool class next week for CNY. This would be a fun activity too!

  2. I second Kim's comment! Tori has been into lacing cards lately. This has been put on my official "to-do" list for the weekend. Her class will love this, too!

  3. These are so cute. I love the rubbings... so interesting. Great activity!

  4. Love the project! Especially the lacing part!
    P.S Is this your nephew on the picture?

  5. Isn't it curious how children can look like their cousins! Your nephew looks a lot like Miss Lily.
    I too look like a twin to my cousin (maternal side - our mothers are twins) but have only vague points of physical(facial) similarity with my sister - can you believe that?!!

  6. thanks for your kind comments on my snow ice cream! i'm excited to have found your blog for the chinese new year ideas....we are hosting two chinese students this upcoming week and i wanted to do some special decorations for them!

  7. KJ that looks great fun, I may have a go myself (with or without the kids!)

  8. Wonderful idea! Saving it for future use! Thanks! Kerri

  9. This is cute! I can see this as a party pack for birthday parties too.

  10. KJ, we just published our feature post about this at Little Fingers Big Art. We love what you've done! Have a great day!


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