Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crafting with my Kids: Reusing Gift Wrap for Koi Kites (Chinese New Year Crafting, Project No. 1)

Chinese New Year's celebrations begin February 3rd.  In our house, we have begun some Chinese New Year crafting.   For the next four weeks, my kids and I will be working on one Asian-inspired craft each week. 

Koi Kites

Kids love to watch Koi.  As a child, I recall my grandmother's backyard pond in Sydney had tons of them.  I loved to feed them.  Koi are symbolic in both Japanese and Chinese culture.  In China, seven golden Koi represents good luck.  Sometimes Chinese restaurants have fish pools featuring koi. This is was taken at a Chinese Restaurant in Norway (yes, you read correctly).

This craft is an easy one and the project idea comes from the ever wonderful Toymaker.  It is a nice craft for recycling Christmas gift wrap.

P.S. This week, Canada Post releases its annual CNY stamp celebrating the year of the rabbit.  As I have posted before, our family collects these stamps. They also make a nice gift for someone who is having a baby in the coming year.

Image via Canada Post


  1. that's funny, i just did a gift wrap post too! great minds... love the koi kites!

    The Canada post stamps were not on my radar. They are pretty, aren't they? Thanks for posting about them. It IS a great idea for a gift!

  2. KJ you never cease to surprise me with your ideas and projects!
    I love Koi fish and these kites are fantastic! Can't wait to see what you surprise us with in the upcoming weeks! (....anticipation building up....)

  3. These are uber cool, KJ. We've joined a co-op preschool where I teach every 6 weeks, and I will be using this idea! Thank you.

  4. These are lovely. And thank you for reminding me about The Toymaker. I've been there before but had completely forgotten about it.

  5. I love these kites, KJ. They're beautiful. You always have the best projects to do with your girls. I need to start doing a weekly project with my oldest.

    Those stamps are really pretty. What a fabulous idea to give them as a baby gift.

  6. The stamps are beautiful! I have a client and a cousin both expecting and I'm going to see if I can order some to the US for gifts! Thanks again :)


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