Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Buntings

It feels like an eternity since I threw in a sewing post.

There is an explanation -- I am only working on very small projects right now. I am "revamping" my sewing space so I am refraining from undertaking any major project which involves numerous pieces.

That being said, babies are still born and my pal and I have been working on a few more handmade baby gifts. 
I made this little name bunting from Robots (David Walker for Free Spirit) for a sweet boy named Fergus.

I also made a little tie onesie using Saltwater Kids' tutorial.
My pal made this sweet scalloped felt bunting for a baby girl together with a felt ornament (Made's felt monogrammed ornament tutorial). I love the use of the hot pink felt, unexpected.

Have a lovely day!

P.S. The movement on the sewing space is slow, but progressing. I can't wait to delve into a complicated pattern but we need to find a drywaller first!  {In 2004, I tried mudding and will never do it again.}
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  1. Fabulous fabric for fantastic projects!

  2. Love the buntings, and agree on dry wall! I taped our garage at our last house. It was so hard. I would never dream of mudding my own house.

  3. i love that name: Fergus! one of my old university friends is nicknamed Fergus (it's actually his middle name) and i think it's the best name ever, even though he hates it. the buntings are very sweet, btw.

  4. Oh, how sweet is that little onesie? KJ, I hope you don't mind but I reblogged your fabric fortune cookies along with a link to your original post. I just fell in love with them. Thanks so much. Hope you have a fabulous day :)

  5. Super cute! I might have to try making something similar in my "free" time!


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