Monday, December 6, 2010

Nativity Parade

Nativity, Church Bethlehem (KJ's 2008 trip)
Char over at Crap I've Made is having a little Nativity Parade. 

I love Nativity Scenes.

I grew up in a household which, sadly, did not have one (and I will not get into all that drama in this blog). 

I have made sure my girls have Nativity sets in almost every room.   Over the years, the girls have collected the Precious Moments (I can't believe the price of this collector edition), Playmobil, Fisher Price Little People and Schleich versions.  They love to them all.

 In our kitchen, we also have a Wallie's vinyl nativity set up. 

Of all our sets, my favourite is this humble, olive wood which Mr. KJ and I brought back from our 2008 trip to Bethlehem.  We place it under the Christmas tree.

Our trip to Israel was wonderful. At the time, I was almost 3 months pregnant and hiking Masada in over 100 temperatures.

soaking in the Dead Sea

descending the stairs to the Birth Cave where a tourist group launched into the most beautiful rendition of Silent Night that I have ever heard.
It was a wonderful opportunity and blessing to visit the birth place and I have developed a love Nativity Scenes which my daughters share, although they definitely prefer scenes with moveable figures (the stories they come up with  make me smile).

We also have several other interesting Nativity scenes, like this small one from Mexico.
and this paper cut
While we are talking about the Nativity, for those of you in Toronto, I want to give a shout out to the Christmas Story. It is Toronto's longest running Nativity pageant.  Evangeline Hope tried to fill the shoes of baby Jesus in 2008.

We were also a little shepherd family.

Baby shepherds are so cute.  
Check out the parade.


  1. Wow KJ! You've been to Israel! I have to go there once in my life I promised myself that! Lovely story and fabulous pictures.
    When I got married we didn't have a nativity scene - (I wanted one so badly) and imagine my surprise when I won one at the Christmas lottery party organized at my school! I will never forget that!!

  2. Love the Holy Land photos! Masada is hot no matter what time of year you go...but that fresh squeezed OJ we got at the bottom was so refreshing! I love seeing your photos, and how you've incorporated that experience into your family. It is an amazing place to visit and gain a better understanding of the Gospel.

  3. So precious - thanks for sharing.

    I have an extensive nativity set collection - I don't think I've ever photographed it.

  4. I should say, I love the photo of you as a shepherd family!!


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