Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Year's Christmas Cards into Birdhouses and 3D Snowflakes

Ever since I saw Nicole Heady's Bird Box template I have had visions of recycling my old Christmas cards into little birdhouse ornaments. This year, our Christmas tree - which we will be picking up this weekend  and likely from a corner shop and not a farm - will be adorned with birdhouses, birds, butterflies and maybe an occasional toadstool. 

So, if you sent me a large Christmas card last year
I have turned it into one of these
which are totally loved by this little chick
{I apologize for the lighting and photo quality there is a "managing a day job" aspect to this blog, so that means until March I only have natural light on the weekends).  I used a couple of different Martha Stewart punches for the hole and the edging.

On other crafty matters, it was an amazing start to the Advent season.  A bunch of us got together over lunch and created three dimension snowflakes for our upcoming party.  If you need to decorate a large space, even a child's playroom if you are so lucky not to have one (not me sadly),  these snowflakes have great impact hanging from the ceiling.
you can find the tutorial here.

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  1. These are very cool, and I love your theme idea for decorating the tree.

  2. What a great recycling idea to use up the old christmas cards. Some are too pretty to throw into the recycle bin.

  3. Those birdhouses are stunning. I love the edges of the roofs. Just beautiful, KJ!


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