Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crafting with my kids: Borax Crystals

My dad is a physicist, so growing up our projects always had some sort of science-bent to them. I recall as a kindergarten student, I brought some sugar crystals I had made for show and share.  Those crystals took weeks to mature in a dark cupboard.

How did I not know about the near instant gratification of borax crystals, or for that matter the wonderful crafting properties of borax ? {see this borax slime over at the Scott School via U-Create with Kids}.

I am not big into New Year Eve celebrations or New Years crafting.  I like a 10 pm bedtime (unless I am heavily involved in a complicated sewing project) and I have been known to fall asleep at New Years Eve's parties.  That being said these little 2011 crystals were easy to do.  Lily just shaped some pipe cleaners into 2011 and we followed the instructions (less the food colouring) at Martha Stewart Kids (although there are a ton of tutorials out there).

The next morning we had these

they really look like icicles.

See you in 2011 and I wish you a happy and healthy celebration (however that may be!).

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  1. We made star shapes over the holidays...super fun for the kids and me, too!

  2. Love this project and as Tanya before me suggested - Borax can be used to make an infinite number of shapes. Fabulous idea once again! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh! These are very cool indeed! I bet the kids LOVED watching the crystals form. Must have been very exciting! The 2011 looks so festive! Fabulous!

    Thanks for linking up too!!! Much appreciated!


  4. Great project. I loved doing this experiement as a kid but had never thought of doing it on shapes. Will have to try this with my kids : )

  5. Great project! Reminded me of some projects I would do with my Grandpa as a child! Found you through Living Montessori Now. Kerri

  6. Thankyou so much for your comment on my jacket!
    I really like your 2011. The numbers really DO look like icicles!

  7. I think this is a great project for kids who live in the tropics and have never seen ice or snow, except on TV. I'm sure they will be excited! Agy from GreenIssues :-)

  8. How cool! Will definitely be trying this with my lads. :D

  9. Happy Blogaversary KJ! A fabulous year of ideas and inspiration.

  10. This looks like such a fun kid craft.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Wow, this is beyond cool. Just found your site by way of Simple Kids and can't wait to read more!


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