Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafting with Kids: Recycled Milk Cartons

This is a little follow up post to my Gingerbread Celebration guest post over at Gwenny Penny's Haul out the Holly event.   My sister's school has a milk program.  She cleaned out the cartons and then used them to create little paper gingerbread houses.

This time of year, I always like to have a few packages of festive foam stickies on hand for emergency crafting sessions.  Coupled with craft pompoms and cotton balls, a little glue, this is a great little project that young hands can pretty take care of on their own.

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Great idea KJ! Isn't it amazing how intense the little ones get when their minds are focused on a task. It's impressive to me. Love the photos!

  2. Cute and simple. Now to find some little cartons!

  3. This really is a great idea. So easy for little hands!

    I wanted to tell you also, if you need to make that little album smaller (thanks for visiting my guest post!), I've done it using 8 1/2 X 11 paper too. Just cut two strips 4 X 11 1/2, then a separate square that is 4 X 4. Score as directed, then use the small square as your 3rd page, covering up the shorter ends of the longer strips. Hope that makes sense!! Post some pics if you make one!! :)


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