Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Card Display

{This project is linked to Funky Junk's SNS #83 all about frames}
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I am one of those people who love to receive photo cards/Christmas cards.

For a long time, I have wanted to make a display for photocards.  I really liked the simplicity of this ribbon scrap card display by 30 days which was recently featured on Be Different Act Normal; but, I wasn't sure if it I could add enough ribbon to hold what I am expecting to receive (judging by last year).
So I came up with something similar using an old frame, chickenwire and a piece of gift wrap.   I am so glad I have a little helper to assist with these projects.

The chicken wire will permit the cards to be layered and I can add an ornament or two.
The gift wrap is stuck to the wall to allow a pop of colour to show through.  The chicken wire is stapled to the frame and the whole thing hung on top of the gift wrap. 

I made the JOY letters last year by modge podging some festive fabric to dollar shop wooden letters.
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  1. I love the look of this...the juxtaposition of chicken wire with gift wrap is awesome!

  2. Wow! This looks incredible. You never cease to amaze, KJ! I can't get over the chicken wire... what a unique idea.

  3. I am in love with this! Cant wait to come up with my own version. Thinking,& dreaming of creating. Thanks!

  4. That card holder looks great KJ. i'm a huge fan of chicken wire, too! Beautiful!

  5. I need to make something like this for my cards!
    Lovely display KJ!

  6. Definitely bookmarking this one for next year! Again, yours is gorgeous.


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