Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cedar boughs and beeswax dipped pine cones

We had an extremely busy weekend. I always feel so over extended in early December.  The kids already have their various lessons(swimming, gymnastics, plus an extra ballet lesson to get ready for the show) and there are so many great Christmas productions which I like to take in.

In the midst of this chaos over extending myself,  it was really nice to schedule a breather and find time to craft.  Our family finds much inspiration from The Magic Onions (you may remember the fairy garden project), so I was really excited to read their post on making wax dipped pine cones.   I invited another family over to try this project.  

For the "double boiler" I used a tin can in a larger pot.  The smell of the melting beeswax is wonderful. I couldn't find any slabs of beeswax, so I melted two beeswax candles I picked up at the health food shop.  The kids did a quick dip of the pine cone under careful supervision (hot).  After some trial and error, I found that when using the tin can to melt the wax, you may need to let the wax cool slightly before dipping to create a better effect.

I grouped our pine cones together with some cedar boughs and ribbon and tied it to one of our lanterns.

But of course, they also look lovely on their own.

Have a great week.
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  1. I love the vintage look of these pine cones. I use a lot of pine cones in my Christmas decore too. And they are free, thats the best part.

  2. I LOVE beeswax, and that ribbon is divine! Love this project.


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