Monday, November 22, 2010

Thrifty Superhero Party

We were visiting our family in Ottawa this weekend and celebrating my nephew's fourth birthday. He had a wonderful superhero party at the gymnastics club.  There are some very interesting thrifty and crafty ideas that made this party a very special and memorable celebration. 

My sister found a second hand Spiderman valence at Goodwill and used images from the fabric to applique a table cloth (which was a clearance cotton sheet.

She also added "pow" and "zap" to the tablecloth (this idea popped into her head 30 minutes before the party was to start). She really is an expert with heat'n bond and a sewing machine.

The leftover Spiderman valence was used to make a bunting.
AJ also scored a superhero poster (new plastic-wrapped for one dollar) so it made a nice touch too.
A superhero party requires a cape (or 2 or in this case 8).  She made some reversible superhero capes using Puking Pastille's Free Superhero Cape Pattern.  Each guest received a cape and an eye mask.  The fabric for the capes was also found at the Goodwill (2 bolts!). 

The craft for the party was a paper tube Spiderman or Superman (from DLTK's Growing Together)
Mr. KJ (Uncle KJ) provided some entertainment with a medley of the Spiderman and Batman theme songs and the Crash Test Dummies' Superman Song which the guests enjoyed.

It was a very special celebration for a very special boy. 

I loved all of the handmade touches and this party will be remembered for years.  There were a few people who couldn't make it to the party due to distance - Mary Lou, Brian, and Becca - I scrambled to get this post up for you,


  1. Thanks for getting this up so quickly, it was great seeing you this weekend.

  2. What a cool party...definitely memorable and centered around the birthday boy. Wow.

  3. Wow, she did a great job! I have no boys and didn't expect to be that interested, but she came up with some really good ideas.

  4. Well, your sister is one great, resourceful person!
    I love everything she did and the party looks fantastic! My son would go nuts if he sees this!
    Happy belated birthday to your nephew!


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