Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My $1.99 poncho

Sometimes a fun fabric just hits you over the head.   This happened to me. While walking through the fashion district, a clearance bolt in one of the sidewalk drums tipped and struck me.   It was a very interesting  and thick woodland knit and it was only $1.99 meter! I scanned the squirrel for you up top. I knew this fabric would be perfect for Between the Lines' single seam poncho.  It was.
Hemming took a little while as I decided to live dangerously and branch out from the standard straight or zigzag stitch.  Katy from No Big Dill recently posted a tutorial for the Billi Cardi on luvinthemummyhood where she used an interesting stitch. Inspired and courageous, I chose this stitch for all the hemming and really like the finished look. The diagonal strip is the fabric "wrong" side.
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  1. What an interesting fabric! Are those dogs and some sort of bird on there as well? Love the hem stitching you used. I've never tried anything like that before. Nice work!

  2. I like your new poncho and the fabric is lovely!
    I've seen Dill's tutorial but never tried it myself. Great job, again!

  3. i love that fabric! what a great find! i'll have to check out this new-fangled hem (i don't really know what you did and how you did it) but it looks great!

  4. I just spotted your poncho in the Flickr pool (thanks for posting!), and I love it!! That fabric is great and so autumn-y! Just perfect!
    I need to check out that stitch, though I'm not sure my machine will be able to handle this...


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