Thursday, November 4, 2010

Creative Guest: Diwali Lesson Plan

Today and tomorrow (well that's the intention!), I am going to be posting about India inspiration.  Today, I have asked my pal to post about her Diwali kindergarten lesson plan .  The follow up post will be an India-inspired sewing post.

Diwali Lesson Plan
This fall, my little guy started junior kindergarten at a small, independent Christian nursery school.

At the start of the school year, the principal encouraged parents to share any family celebrations or festivities with their child's class.

I took the principal at her word and approached my little guy's teacher about celebrating Diwali with his classmates. Diwali is the festival of lights and is celebrated by Indians of all faiths in India and throughout the world. This year the Diwali celebrations start on November 5th.

His teacher and I decided on three crafts, snacks and a discussion circle. I prepared a 'diya collage' craft based on an idea found on Activity Village. A diya is a clay candle.  I made a template from corrogated cardboard, and cut out the shapes from scrapbook paper. The children used white craft glue to make the collage.

Mrs. G. prepared a rangoli craft using glue and sand.  Rangoli design is often simple geometric shapes so it makes a nice activity for children. She found the rangoli design on Activity Village, and coloured the sand with food colouring. My little guy is still working on his rangoli design; he spent too much time playing with the sand!

The kids enjoyed their usual Thursday afternoon snack of crackers and cheese, but instead of apple juice, were treated to Rubicon mango juice drink boxes. It was a hit with most kids (I only threw 2 out).

At the end of our celebration, my little guy presented his friends with little gift bags which included a chocolate, nut free treat (left over from Halloween of course), a colourful clay diya and tea light, bangles for the girls, and sparklers for the one other boy in the class.

Happy Diwali! Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead.
Pal N.

N, enjoy the celebrations and thank you for sharing this lesson.  The diya collage and rangoli were a great choice for this age group.   As a kid, collage was my favourite craft. I still love collage, it's easy and the final project often surpasses any expectation.


  1. I'm quite embarrassed to say that I know nothing about Diwali. This was a fascinating post. I can't wait to see what you are sharing tomorrow, KJ.

  2. I second Gwen! But I always want to learn about other cultures, customs and traditions so this was really beautiful and inspirational! Great post KJ!


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