Friday, November 26, 2010

Advent Calendar

I have been back and forth whether to sew a family Advent calendar (the type you bring out each year), or make a different one each year.    I ran out time to sew one, so I decided to get crafty. I have always loved Maya Made's 2009 Paper Tube Calendar so I thought it was a good fit since it has been a year full of recycled crafting.

Lily painted the tubes.
The numbers are from Just Something I Made.  I didn't stitch each paper tube, I used a stapler.  It doesn't look as nice as the original, but I can live with it.

The tubes will be filled with all sorts of goodies, including the pieces to a wooden nativity set.

Have a lovely weekend and check out the projects at



  1. That's lovely, I bet you had fun making it!

  2. What a perfectly sweet Advent calendar. I've been telling myself that my boys are too young to 'get it', but I just haven't made the time to put one together. Maybe next year. Have you seen the adorable sew-along version at Homemade by Jill?

  3. I love this!! I also love the countdown calendar garland!

  4. This is beautiful, KJ! I love the little clothespins. Really fantastic!


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