Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nature Crowns

Yesterday, I posted about leaves and photography.  I guess this is sort of a follow-up post. 

The girls and I collected leaves this weekend.

Some of them we waxed, some of them we pressed using our handy press, and others we glued or stapled.
For pressing, we made this little press at a Home Depot workshop last year.  You could easily make one.  [It is basically two pieces of plywood 7X7", two pieces of cardboard 7X7"; four 1X9" each with two holes to insert the four wingnuts, bolts, and washers] - or you could just use a heavy book.

We also used some of our pressed leaves for this little nature crown project. I spotted this idea on one of my favourite reads Bloesem Kids posted by Maya of Maya Made.  A little crown is a lovely way to end a walk in the park.

Like I said yesterday, leaves are like candlelight.  Everyone looks their best!

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  1. Adorable pictures to mark the advance of fall!
    I can't tell you how many projects we've done over the years, both for home and school but we never made crowns! I guess we might do it now, since yours are beautiful!

  2. Perfect idea for an upcoming leaf-themed playdate I'm hosting! Love your homemade press, too. I was looking at a Lee Valley version, but too expensive for what it is.

  3. Oh, these are cute too! And funny enough, we dug out our flower press this week and pressed some leaves as well. You had asked about the wool felt - I too have to order online and have had great luck buying bulk lots on ebay. Best of luck with finding some!

  4. Oh what a wonderful way to use the gorgeous foliage around us! I hope you and yours have a blessed thanksgiving!


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