Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dollar Store Captain Feather Sword Costume or What to wear to a Wiggles Show

Ahoy there me hearties!!

Admission: Our family loves the Wiggles and we always have a fun time at the show.  We generally bring a big a huge cardboard sign (which did not say "my mummy loves Captain Feather Sword" that was a different family), roses for Dorothy and cardboard bones for Wags.  Admission: We also like to dress up.  This year, I dressed up like Captain Feather Sword and the girls were Dorothy.

I used a dollar store polyester felt Christmas Tree skirt and transformed it into a pirate cape by adding yellow felt embellishments to the front.  On my boots, I added yellow foam squares as buckles. This was my favourite touch, I spotted this cheap & cheerful idea on Simple as That.   The look was completed with a dollar store pirate hat (I added a purple feather which doesn't show up in any of the photos) and an eye patch.   Spent no more than $5 in total. 

The girls' costumes are from Tys Toy Box and were on final clearance for $7 each. They wear them all the time and at that price I couldn't justify making one.

Here are few highlights.  Caught Jeff sleeping again.
It was a wonderful time and memories were made, even if Old Dan Tucker wasn't on the playlist.

Wishing you a great week!
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  1. We've taken our little one to see the Wiggles too and they are just a blast! So energetic and fun! However I must say that I miss Greg. Oh Sam is alright but it's just not the same...

  2. This looks so fun, KJ! Love the cape and those buckles!!! Bravo for dressing up... I don't think I'd be brave enough to do it! The girls look adorable.

  3. Oh my! What heaps of fun! I love, LOVE all your costumes. I just adore dressing up so I can only imagine the wonderful time you all had!

  4. I miss Greg too! I was totally crushing on him in my early days of mommyhood!!! BTW, your guest post about the wreath on my blog continues to get hits - it has moved into the top spot of my most read posts! Congrats! (I'm starting to think people read me because of you!!!)

  5. Awesome! I have a little crush on Anthony. Shhhhh.

  6. Well done at the dollar store! I'll have to keep the tree skirt idea in mind next time I'm in there.

    Thanks for commenting on my play mat. The newest Ottawa Michael's is on Hazeldean Road, between Kanata and Stittsville, in the west end. I haven't been to the east end in a while, but there's another location either just open or opening soon in the Trainyards.

  7. Thanks ladies, all your secrets are safe. And, sigh, we miss Greg too.....
    but for 57 year old "rockers" they still keep the energy up.

  8. We missed the Wiggles on their last tour, hopefully the next one we can make it out. And maybe in costume! Love yours matey! And count me in on the Greg train!


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