Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cupcake Aprons

Last week, our office was having its annual charitable craft/bake sale and the organizers requested donations.

My pal and I both had cupcakes on the mind and decided to donate aprons {with cupcake on them}.  She located these Etty tea towels at Ikea and inspired by I have to Say's dishtowel apron tutorial transformed them into really nice aprons with chocolate brown bias tape. 

She didn't even realize that Ikea actually has a coordinating apron because it was sold out at her location!  I think her version is so cute. They were gone in 20 minutes!!  Below is Ikea's version.
The half apron (bottom right) was my donation together with an embellished sugar sack towel (not shown). I used Prudent Baby's fat quarter apron tutorial and Kauffman's Sweet Tooth fabric with chambray ric rac.  {In case you are interested in trying one, Prudent Baby is having a little contest using the tutorial so you can get busy!}

P.S. These are really economical and efficient gifts so I thought I would share it in case you are thinking {handmade} and ahead to the holidays. 


  1. The lovely fabric makes them quite appropriate and soo cute!

  2. I adore cupcakes and cupcakes on aprons are no different! Very well created!

  3. Very cute. You can't ever go wrong with cupcakes!

    I'm anxious for the expansion of our Ikea to be complete...hopefully the bigger and better version will have more fabric options for both yardage (metreage? Is that a word?) and pre-made textiles.

  4. These are adorable! Your blog is full of cute things and neat ideas...and I am off to see more of them now. Have a great day!

  5. So cute! Love the cupcakes. I especially like the apron with the cupcake stand on it. I need to get back to IKEA, but the closest one is over an hour away! Ugh!


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