Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birds of Norway Apron

In recent weeks, I have found myself in a bit of a sewing funk (hence, I have been channelling my creative energies into a whole lotta of kids crafting projects).  The root of the funk is a very large and challenging-for-me project which I am determined to finish this month (tick, tick..) and it's not going very well.  My large sewing project time is dedicated to Saturday morning between 12 am - 3 am.  {Fortunately there are 5 Saturdays this month so we'll see.} 

In addition to a wedding registry gift, I wanted to sew something for my cousin's wedding, but I was still in the funk, until my pal showed up to the day job with this in her briefcase.
I decided that a similar apron would be a fitting wedding gift given my family's Norwegian heritage.  I made my version with hot pink and used Amy Butler's pleated apron pattern from the In Stitches book.

Do you ever find yourself in a sewing funk?  For me, having a pal around is a great way to get out of it {as well as reading a whole lotta sewing blogs and seeing what you are up to!}


  1. Sewing funk? Me? Never. And by never I mean regularly. I go back and forth between the crafty-papery-mod podgy-kind of crafts and sewing. The sew along I host helps a lot with that because I (with Cynthia) host it so I have to sew know? I have very few crafty friends so I turn to books and magazines for endless amounts of inspiration. I love all of the blogger-turned-author sewing project books out their as well as the Better Homes & Gardens DIY series of magazines. And bloggers, that is one of the reasons I do My Crafty Weekend, it is like bringing the inspiration to my door! Love your apron. Should I get the In Stitches book?

  2. Love that apron, the printed fabric is gorgeous.


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