Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Useful Baby Gifts: Nursing Cover

I recently posted about a number of handmade and useful baby gifts. I didn't include a nursing cover.  I really should have and I plan to add this project to my go-to list. 

Although I nursed both my girls, I never used a nursing cover which is kind of crazy (1) given the fabric hound I am -- nursing covers are a wonderful opportunity to use great fabric (the Prudent Baby example features chevrons!); (2) my lactation consultant informed me that I was blessed to have sufficient milk to feed triplets (hence I sprayed everything and everyone in sight and was still engorged); and (3) I am certain my streetcar driver would have preferred I used a cover -  I mean to see a rear-view reflection of a great fabric selection (not because I sprayed the driver or anything like that :)

Anyway, my BFF recently made this cover for a shower. 

She used Prudent Baby's DIY Nursing Cover tutorial and modified it to add two terry cloth corners (sort of like the higher end covers you find here).  The terry cloth corners wipe up spray, spit up, you know the drill.

I really think this gift is both useful and lovely.  The fabric choice is gorgeous, I believe its Amy Butler - MidWest Modern2 - pink dahlias/fresh poppies (but that's just a guess).


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